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Field Services Contact:

Kim Landine, Director

Room 327, Marshall d'Avray Hall
Phone: 506-453-3508
Fax: 506-458-7157

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Education program prior to Fall 2008 should refer to the UNB Calendar, for the academic year in which they first enrolled, for information regarding practica regulations or contact Field Services for advice.

General Field Services Information

The practicum is an integral part of the first nine months of the 11-month Bachelor of Education program at UNB. Students will be assigned to a school in the spring, prior to joining the Faculty and will normally remain with that same school for the entire in-school experience. Students will spend the first two weeks (last week of August and first week of September) in their schools. They will then spend each Monday through the fall and winter terms in their schools and the remaining four week days in university classes. There will also be two extended blocks of time spent in schools, three weeks in November/December and seven weeks from late March to mid-May. All school experiences will be closely tied to the Teaching and Learning Theories course series that spans the entire program.

The aim of the Practica is to provide opportunities for Interns to:

Work in a wide variety of educational settings within their host schools
Develop, test and refine their teaching theories, practices, and classroom management techniques
Become self-reliant, autonomous educators within the educational community
Establish professional relationships with educators

Interns are responsible for:

- Participating fully in the overall life of the school
- Developing expertise in their teaching areas
- Demonstrating initiative, creativity, and professional responsibility
- Learning, observing, and supporting all host school rules and procedures
- Preparing appropriate lesson plans for all classes
- Responding to constructive criticism in a reflective and positive manner
- Cooperating and collaborating with administrators, teachers and staff
- Dressing appropriately and behaving in a professional manner

Initial contact with your host school

Placements will be arranged by the Director of Field Services and students will be notified by the end of June. Students should not attempt to contact the school prior to arrival in August as schools will be closed for the summer months.

Student Intern responsibilities

As an Intern, you will be assigned to a school as a member of a group of interns, initially working under the direction of the Liaison Teacher at that school. Be prepared to accept the responsibilities of the profession by conscientious performance of your duties; by thorough preparation for teaching; by collaborating with colleagues, school administrators, and parents; by accepting and thoughtfully reflecting on feedback; and by seeking to enrich the lives of the students you teach. As you observe with a critical eye, ask questions which will help you learn. Remember that you are a guest in the school.

School activities beyond your teaching assignments

The primary objective of the Practicum is to expose Interns to as many facets of school life as possible. Regular classroom teaching is the main component of this experience, but by no means the only one. An Intern is expected to engage in a significant amount of teaching. Where appropriate, the Intern will also participate in playground, hall, and bus duties; extracurricular activities; administrative functions; and assist various specialists within the host school.