Four Pillars of Learning for School Leaders

ACEAL brings high quality services and programs to school leaders wherever they work and live.

The Centre will have 4 pillars of activity

  1. An online MED in Administration (for all school leaders and embracing teacher leadership in schools)
  2. Capacity building services to schools and school leaders (e.g. The Contemporary Issues in School Leadership Seminar Series and an annual conference, school reviews and improvement planning, as well as other services)
  3. International development projects
  4. Publication and dissemination of leadership materials

We serve a mixture of New Brunswick, Canadian, and international leaders. This will result a set of unique experiences and insights through more engagement with our national and international community.

The Centre will have a broad consultation through: an advisory board, centre affiliates (other provincial, national and international organizations), and centre associates (individuals attached to the centre for work services or specific interests), as well as discussion groups and active research.

Express your interest, support, concerns, and suggestions by emailing ACEAL.

Coming Soon!

The Leadership Compendium: A book written by established and emerging Canadian school based scholars - Download a pdf of the table of contents

The International Beginning Principals Study

The Ireland Canada Study (Dublin City University and UNB) An international study into ‘reluctance factors’ in leadership succession.