Announcing the start of the ACEAL

Image of the skyAs part of ongoing changes and reforms to UNB Faculty of Education's services in teacher development and graduate services, in the summer of 2008 Dean Sharon Rich announced the start of the school leadership centre within UNB’s Faculty of Education as the Atlantic Centre for Educational Administration and Leadership (The Centre or ACEAL).

ACEAL, continues the work of the Faculty’s New Brunswick Centre for Educational Administration (NBCEA) to bring high quality services and programs to school leaders wherever they work and live. Learn More.

A Call for Centre Associate/Affiliates

If you feel your organization would like to contribute to the goals (See our 4 pillars) of the Centre please feel free to contact us about becoming a Centre Affiliate. Learn More.

The ACEAL Dream to Deliver, Dinner Seminars, and Annual Conference coming soon...join us for dinner...

As part of our search for leader sensitive programming we are actively consulting leadership stakeholders. We recently completed a "Dream to Deliver" focus group session as part of our working on a series of consultations and field based seminars.

The Dream to Deliver (D2D) focus groups session hosted school leadership stakeholders from the Department of Education, the teachers association, universities, and schools as to the needs for school leaders. This information will be reflected in our programming. Learn More.

The ACEAL's Leadership Development

The entrepreneurial, yet cooperative and service-oriented approach to educational leadership training coupled with graduate program by face to face and distance delivery to serve a local-provincial and growing global demand for the quality learning programs which will serve the needs of school leaders wherever the are in the Atlantic region and internationally. Learn More