Undergraduate Programs

A solid foundation

Computer Science @ UNB: Where students and teachers excel together!Highly regarded by employers, an undergraduate degree from UNB Fredericton’s Faculty of Computer Science will give you a solid foundation and a competitive advantage for your career. You can shape your own classroom experiences by tailoring our flexible curriculum to fit your interests.

Choose the program that fits your needs

You can choose from three undergraduate degree programs and one certificate program:

    • Bachelor of Computer Science
      The Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) degree will teach you the fundamentals of Computer Science. You will learn how to design and build innovative computer applications, helping to solve problems in all areas of life. You'll develop your creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills, and dream up new ways for connected computing to improve the way we live.

    • Bachelor of Information Systems (currently not available)
      The Bachelor of Information Systems (BISys) degree will teach you how to develop and manage the technology and information systems required to support a modern business. You will also learn key business skills such as marketing, finance, accounting and management.

    • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
      The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BScSwE) will teach you to develop and maintain reliable, safe and efficient software systems, enabling you to work on complex projects with safety-critical applications, such as those found in the aviation, medical and energy industries.

  • Certificate in Software Development
    Designed especially for working adults, the Certificate in Software Development will provide you with the formal background necessary to become a more effective participant in the Information and Communication Technology industry.

Earn while you learn

Whatever degree program you choose, you can take advantage of UNB Fredericton’s co-op program which offers paid work experience during your studies. Our co-op graduates typically have job offers before they graduate. Our co-op option offers students the chance to work for companies in the region and across the country. You will work full-time for four to six terms, earning between $13.00 to $22.00 per hour for doing interesting and challenging work. This gives you the chance to graduate job-ready and possibly debt-free.

You can also take advantage of our Professional Experience Program (PEP), which allows you to participate in a 12-16 month internship, typically following the third year of study. You will combine theory and practice in major long-term projects while earning a competitive salary and gaining relevant work experience.

Travel? Study? Do both!

You have the opportunity to study for a term or a full year in other countries including France, Greece, Poland, Germany, Norway and many others. Funding is available for several locations.  For more information visit our student exchange page.