Student Exchange Testimonial

Robin Schriver Testimonial PictureIn February 2013 I traveled to Bonn, Germany to study abroad. Over the next five months I learned a great deal more about myself, and the world outside of Canada. Some parts of this exchange were hard work, such as the courses, trip preparation, and getting funding, but I can say without a doubt that all of it was worth it.
While studying abroad I was exposed to many unique perspectives, interesting people, and a different kind of school system with different teaching styles. There was also lots of opportunity to travel around Europe as nothing is too far away, and most trips are fairly affordable. Whether exploring the tulip fields in the Netherlands, looking down a giant ski jump in Norway, enjoying the sounds of bagpipes in Scotland, hiking to hidden castles in Germany or just hanging out with new found friends, I made lifelong memories everywhere I went and will never forget this experience.