Student Exchange Testimonial

The experience of living and studying in another country provided a great boost of independence and self-confidence.
In May of 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to another country and experience a different and unique lifestyle with a beautiful culture.    My lifetime experience has become one of a kind and a life experience I will always remember.
Studying abroad gives you a completely different academic experience. The professors, assignments and class work are all different and the students in the classes are usually from all over the world!
One of the exciting and thrilling places that I traveled to while in Warsaw, Poland was Krakow.  The history of Krakow after the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany and the concentration camp at Plaszow was unbelievable.   I remember in History class reading about the concentration camps but there was no comparison to actual touring this remarkable city.
If you are interested in learning and exploring a new adventure, then traveling abroad is a great way to expand your horizons.Billy Delong