Student Exchange Testimonial

Amin SharifI was kind of skeptical at first on the whole idea of students abroad. I always heard about students going overseas and attending different universities, but I never saw myself as one of those students. One thing lead to another and, 3 of my friends and I, started to plan for our trip to Europe. I'm not going to lie, there were a lot of obstacles to overcome, but I'm grateful for every one of them; because they made the trip worthwhile. Whether it was seeing breathtaking castles or trying new food I have never tried before, I will never forget that feeling of just being on adventure 24/7. The courses were fun, interesting and left me more than enough time to explore the city or just relax. Now I know you're probably wondering how I got the money for this trip? Well thanks to UNB's CO OP Program, I was placed in an awesome company named QuickService Software; besides the fact that everyone at the company is smart, they were amazing people to talk to and work with. I made enough money on my 4 months working at QSS that I was able to fully fund my trip. In fact, they were so generous that they sponsored me, giving me extra money to make my budget more flexible. All in all I'd so do it again!