Concurrent Degree in Arts and Computer Science

Many career opportunities demand a combination of in depth scientific training with the understanding of people and the sophisticated analytic and critical skills acquired in an Arts degree. The Faculties of Arts and Computer Science at UNB in Fredericton are cooperating to make it possible for a student to graduate with both a BA and a BCS in five years.

Several specializations are available in Computer Science, including Hardware Systems, Software Systems, Numerical and Statistical Computation, Information Systems and Computing Theory. All Arts students concentrate on a major or honours program in their third and fourth years chosen from any of the following disciplines: Anthropology, Classics and Ancient History, Economics, English, French, German, Greek, History, Latin, Linguistics, Multimedia, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Sociology, Spanish or World Literature and Culture Studies.

This is an ideal program for students with an interest in Computer Science and one of the Arts disciplines. It is also a demanding program which requires a serious commitment from the student from the outset and throughout the degree.

The joint program is designed so that if a student decides to opt for either degree alone part way through the program, the adjustments can be made easily.

Students in the joint program are able to count many of their courses toward the requirements of both degrees so it is important to select courses carefully from the outset. Advice is available from both faculties at every level from pre-entry inquiries through to graduation.

Application and Admission

Students wishing to pursue the Joint Program should apply for admission to the Faculty of Arts of the University of New Brunswick, specifying on the application form an interest in the Joint Program in Arts and Computer Science. Further information on the program is available from the office of the Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and that of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Faculty Affiliation

Students in the Joint Program will be registered as joint BA/BCS students. They will be assigned to academic advisors in the Faculty of Computer Science and in the Faculty of Arts.

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