Steps for Choosing your Courses (First Year BCS)

Step 5: Math

  • When you arrive at UNB, you will write a mandatory math placement test. This test is used to determine the best math courses for you to take during your first year.
  • To prepare/review for the placement test, visit:
  • Most students will register for Math 1003 in their first term and Math 1013 in their second term.
  • Difficulties in Math? If your high school math marks are below 65%, you may be instructed to register for the full-year version of Math 1003. This is the same course as Math 1003, but it is taught over the full year instead of in just one term. You would then take Math 1013 in your second year.
    Note: The section numbers for the full-year version of Math 1003 will end in X/Y instead of A/B.
  • Math Help: The UNB Math Learning Centre is located in Tilley Hall, room 422. 
    Phone:(506) 453-4768
    Math Learning Centre web page

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