A)   Letter of Offer & Letter of Acceptance

  • Please ensure the co-op office has a copy of your Offer and Acceptance letters for our files.
  • If you have not received your Letter of Offer, let us know and we will check into it for you.

B)   Employment Authorization Permits (Visa Students Only)

Please ensure that the Co-op Office has a copy of your Employment & Student Authorization permits for our files.


A list of students and job information will be sent to the Registrar’s Office, Awards Office and Financial Services to register you for your work term.


All Cashiers/Clerks at Financial Services are aware of the Co-op Program and our fees; therefore anyone at the front counter should be able to serve you. If you do have any problems, please ask for Jennifer Mazerolle, our Co-op Contact for assistance:

Co-op Fee - $798

The Co-op work term fee is $798 and is paid at Financial Services. All fees should be paid on or before October 28, 2017; payments received after that date will be subject to interest fees.

Follow the steps on this link to pay the Co-op/PEP fee:


Your Work Term Record must be updated by the fourth week of your work term – September 30, 2017.  Please access E2O and view your co-op sequence. Click on your current term and select “EDIT WORK TERM RECORD”

Please also email your completed and signed work term goals to the co-op office by September 30.


Work Term Reports are due on Friday, January 5, 2018


A list of all Co-op students and their work/study schedule is sent over to the Undergraduate Awards Office.; If you receive an award for 2017-2018, you will still receive your amount while on work term (Fall & Winter terms).

The Undergraduate Awards Office administers scholarships and bursaries for students enrolled in a minimum of 15 credit hours or 4 courses of undergraduate courses each study term.

Dean's List:

Co-op students will be subject to these regulations:

a. one work term in the assessment period - at least 24 credit hours required
b. two work terms in the assessment period - at least 15 credit hours required
c. December program completion - at least 15 credit hours from September 1 - December 31
d. Second year co-op students with a January work term - at least 15 credit hours required


If you have a Federal student loan, please remember to get a Schedule II completed by Financial Services (Jennifer Mazerolle: and return it to your bank. If you have a private loan, your bank will require a Confirmation Letter from the Registrar ( This has to be done every six months, or you will be expected to start repaying your loan. If your work term extends beyond six months, e-mail or phone Financial Services, and they will complete the schedule and forward it to your bank.


Students are NOT permitted to take ANY courses during their first work term. However, if a student achieves a favorable Employer Evaluation for their first work term, they may take one course during a later work term with the approval of their work term supervisor and the Co-op Coordinator (for undergraduate students) and the director of graduate studies (for MCS & MCSC students).


The Co-op Office uses UNB email to contact Co-op Students while on a work term. Your UNB email should be forwarded to your work email provided your employer gives their authorization. If it’s not possible for your UNB emails to be forwarded to work, it is important that you check it regularly. We will contact you throughout the term regarding site visits, deadlines, etc.

Co-op Program Contacts