The Hiring Process

The normal sequence of events leading to the filling of Co-op work term positions is as outlined below:

  1. Co-op and PEP employers post their job descriptions in the job bank in e2o, UNB's co-op portal.
  2. Eligible students apply online for positions of interest.  Application documents include a resume, cover letter and transcript.  STUDENTS NOTE: unofficial transcripts--available from the UNB website--are acceptable.
  3. All commitments between "returning" students and employers are finalized before applications are released to the employers for screening.
  4. The employer responds with a "short list" for interviewing and some indication of preferred interview dates, etc.
  5. The Co-op office establishes the interview schedule, confirms this with the employers, and notifies students.
  6. The employer conducts the interviews, on campus or by phone, and ranks the applicants in order of preference. An employer may submit different rankings for positions. The employer agrees NOT to contact the students directly with job offers or information about the rankings; such attempts to circumvent the normal process not only cause problems for many others, they also reflect poorly on the motives and practices of those involved. Remember that the existing placement process is intended to serve the best interests of all students and employers, not just a select few.
  7. Students are informed which employers ranked them and which did not rank them at all. In this way, a student will not waste a ranking on a job that is not available to the student.
  8. The students will similarly rank the positions (for which they were interviewed) in order of preference. The student agrees NOT to attempt to negotiate with the employer outside this process.
  9. The Co-op office matches the jobs and the students on the basis of both sets of rankings and other program constraints such as obligations to current employers and students. The decisions are verified by telephoning the employer. Students are notified via email once the employers have been contacted.
  10. The employer promptly forwards a written letter of offer to the student through the Co-op office and encloses a photocopy of this letter to be placed on file in the Co-op office. No offers are to be made directly to these students earlier in the recruitment/interview cycle.
  11. Students are to ignore any direct offers from employers other than the offer which results from the ranking/matching process.
  12. Any remaining or late positions are filled as quickly as can be arranged on an individual basis.