Post a Job

How to hire our students

Co-operative Education works on a trimester system in that students are available to start a work term in January (Winter term) May (Summer term) and September (Fall term). These works terms can be 4, 8, 12 or 16 months in duration.

The placement process to hire a student begins 3 months before their scheduled work term.  The Coordinator for the Co-op Program will assist in matching students with employers in a fair and equitable manner. The sequence of events leading to the filling of a position is:

  1. Develop a job description
  2. Request a password from the Co-op Assistant to post in the online co-op system
  3. Review Student Applications in co-op system
  4. Select applicants for interview using co-op system
  5. Schedule interviews with Co-op Assistant
  6. Rank candidates in order of preference using the co-op system
  7. Co-op staff places students in jobs according to rankings and other program criteria
  8. Co-op staff confirm match with each employer who fax/email offer letter to co-op office
  9. Student accepts offer
  10. "Second round" interviews are used to quickly place any remaining unplaced students in jobs.