Employer Testimonials

Dawson Mossman, Software Architect


Lashpoint uses cutting edge technologies like .NET, JSP, Flex, AJAX, Web Services and Subversion as part of our daily routine. We've found that the UNB Co-op students are able to jump in and quickly become productive members of our agile team.  This high quality of students provides Lashpoint with an opportunity to pursue new and innovative projects while the students are able to strengthen their Computer Science background with some hands-on experience.  



Jonathan Duncan, Delivery Manager


Professional Quality Assurance (PQA) is proud to be a part of the UNB Co-op program. Students from the program have consistently demonstrated the ability to be effective in a variety of roles whether it be for internal process improvement or in client facing situations. They bring new and creative ideas and are always eager to learn. They provide benefit both to PQA and their clients, and we thoroughly enjoy having them here each term.