IT Career Pathways Workshop

February 12, 2009

There was a great deal of positive energy during the workshop.  A clear action item for the workshop organizers is to foster more collaboration between the K-12 educators in New Brunswick and the UNB Faculty of Computer Science, the National Research Council and the ICT industry.

On Feb. 12, 2009, a group of 63 educators and interested parties met to discuss the opportunities for employment growth in the information and communications technologies (ICT) field.  Of this group, approximately 35 were high school and junior high school teachers, guidance counselors, coop coordinators and administrators.

A primary goal of the workshop was to find ways to encourage more students to pursue ICT post-secondary education in New Brunswick.

Check out the recorded video and audio of presentations by Greg Sprague, Susan Mesheau, Brian Gray, Ali Ghorbani, Christian Couturier, Jeff Reid, Mary Goggin, Marcellus Mindel, Alan Munro and Ruth Wilson. Thanks to George Butters, Golden Coast, for recording and web hosting these videos.


  • Greg Sprague, NRC (slides)

  • Susan Mesheau, UNB

  • Brian Gray, NB Education


  • Ali Ghorbani, UNB Computer Science

  • Christian Couturier, NRC-IIT (slides)

Industry Speaks

  • Jeff Reid, Aliant-XWave, Saint John (slides)

  • Mary Goggin, Accreon Inc, Fredericton (slides)

  • Marcellus Mindel, IBM, Ottawa

  • Alan Munro, J.D. Irving Limited, Saint John (slides)

  • Ruth Wilson, NB Department of Education and IT Sector Council

  • Barrie Marfleet, Information Technology Association of Canada, Toronto

Students Speak

  • Jeremy Bourgeois, UNB Computer Science, graduating student

  • Chris Towler, UNB Computer Science, 3rd-year student

  • Nathan Langton, UNB Computer Science, master student, NRC (slides)