What's New In D2L Brightspace? - November 2017 Release Notes

Below, you'll find the top items in the November, 2017 Continuous Delivery Release for D2L Brightspace. These updates will be live on the last Friday of the listed month:

1) Assignments - Rubric Visibility

In the Assignments tool, rubrics are now positioned at the beginning of the assessment portion for an assignment. Previously, rubrics appeared below the Learning Objectives as part of a large list of rubric links. Now, additional links have been removed and the rubrics are displayed, followed by the assignment’s learning objectives.

Figure: The assignment rubric is visible above the assignment learning objectives.

Figure: Rubric links are condensed down to one single link.

2) Grades – Expansion of Grade Exemptions Work

This feature is an expansion of grade exemptions work that impacts the Content tool, the Calendar tool, the Course Schedule, and the Updates widget.

Figure: Grade exemptions work - Content tool

Figure: Grade exemptions work - Message displayed when a learner clicks on an exempted topic

Figure: Exempting users from a topic - new Manage Exemptions page

3) Groups and Sections - Improvements

This feature includes improvements that have been made to Groups and Sections, which include an update to the Org Unit Editor code and legacy Manage Courses to indicate that sections are not groups, and the correct use of role settings for groups and sections when users are auto-enrolled.

For a complete list of the items in the November 2017 Continuous Delivery Release, Click Here.