D2L Brightspace

August 19th D2L Brightspace Upgrade Information

On Wednesday, August 19th, 2015, UNB will be upgrading to D2L Brightspace version 10.4.

D2L Brightspace will be unavailable at UNB beginning at 10am until approximately 6pm Eastern Atlantic Time.

After the August 19th update, we will be moving to a “continuous delivery” model in which we will get small updates once a month instead of major updates once a year. More information about this is available under this "Continuous Delivery Information" link.

This upgrade will see minor improvements to existing tools such as:

Content : Can now view PDF Documents inline (previously they were converted to images for inline rendering). This will allow hyperlinks to be active in the document viewer without having to download the PDF onto your computer.

Discussions : Individual Users can now turn off the “subscribe to new thread” from settings.

Discussions : Instructors can now maintain forums and topics more efficiently by giving them the ability to delete multiple items.

Grades : Made the # per page drop-down list on the Enter Grades page more discoverable for instructors by moving it more to the left of the page.

HTML Editor : Will now use spell checker of browser in addition to editors spell-check feature.

Homepage : Active Homepage remains the active homepage in a course copy.

Intelligent Agents : The agent page now has Enable and Disable options.

Quizzes : Quiz timer now displays seconds, flashes a 10 minute warning for quizzes over an hour, flashes a 5 minute warning for quizzes under one hour and flashes a 1 minute warning for all quizzes.

Quizzes – ability to disable the spell checker in quizzes

Quizzes – Increased Answer Box size.

If you have any questions about the upgrade please contact us at d2l@unb.ca.


Please connect directly with our D2L Brightspace team.

Desire2Learn Training SessionThe University of New Brunswick uses D2L Brightspace as its Learning Management System (LMS) to help manage all online elements of courses.  The ultimate goal of this LMS is to help faculty reach and engage learners however and wherever they learn.

Kevin Cormier (506) 452-6288, our D2L Brightspace Support Specialist provides training, one-on-one sessions, telephone support, as well as many D2L Brightspace resources you can access from the menu at the right side of this page.

You can access your D2L Brightspace courses by signing into the UNB portal and clicking on the "Desire2Learn" link, or, you can log in directly by going to https://lms.unb.ca

If you go under the "My Home" area of D2L Brightspace you'll see under the "Free Courses" heading there are two self register courses titled "D2L Help Site for Students" and "D2L Help Site for Instructors". Both of these courses offer plenty of helpful guides and videos that were created by the folks at D2L Brightspace.