Price List

Internal pricing applies to persons, with a current UNB ID, using the services for purposes which support the UNB Mission and Vision.

External pricing applies to anyone, without a current UNB ID or for holders of a UNB ID, using the services for purposes not supporting the UNB Mission & Vision.

ItemInternalTaxes Levied
Large Format Printing
42" Wide Satin Gloss Photo Media Paper 1.30/linear inch 15%
42" Wide High Gloss Photo Media Paper 1.55/linear inch 15%
42" Wide Matte Photo Paper 1.05/linear inch 15%
42" Wide Polyester (White) $35.00 per hour 15%
Sundry Items
CD-ROM Disks (includes writing & cases) 1.00 15%
DVD Disks 1.00 15%
Cardboard Tubes for Plotter Prints 7.00 15%
Audio/Video/Image Conversion
VHS-mp4 10.00 15%
Audio Cassette-mp3 10.00 15%
Photo/Slide Scanner - Digit  10.00 15%
Please note: There is no cost involved with audio/video/scanning conversions if done by client.