Student-Made Videos

Lizabeth Lemon-Mitchell

"CETL helped guide her students through the different steps of making a film."

Faculty of Buisiness

In the Faculty of Business Administration Lizabeth Lemon-Mitchell often employs students to assist with public relations and communications projects. Frequently, these students use CETL resources to make videos to help promote the Faculty’s business programs. Some of her students’ past works include the promotional videos found on the UNBF Master of Business Administration web page.

CETL Media Services employees have helped guide her students through the different steps of making a film; working a camera, writing scripts and storyboards, and editing raw footage. The Classroom Technology & Services Equipment Pool likewise supplies them with fundamental resources like cameras and tripods.

Lemon-Mitchell says that between the Equipment Pool technology and the Media Services staff, some of her students have been able to express themselves through a medium that they have never experienced before. “For someone who’s never done it, it might be a bit scary, but the resources are all there. It’s a matter of combining their creativity with the experts that show them how to do it.” 

One of Lemon-Mitchell’s co-op students was ultimately employed because of the video editing skills she gained. “A Nova Scotia team hired her… They wanted a public relations person to come in and make videos for them. It’s because she learned how to do video editing that she got hired.”