CETL Success Stories

Martin Wielemaker - Flipped Classroom

Martin Wielemaker, associate professor with the Faculty of Business at UNB Fredericton, uses CETL to help create the online resource materials for his students. Read more>>

Lizabeth Lemon-Mitchell - Student-Made Videos

Lizabeth Lemon-Mitchell’s Faculty of Business Administration students use CETL resources to make videos for some of their projects, including the promotional videos found on the UNBF Master of Business Administration web page. Read more>>

Tony Merzetti - Learning Film Techniques

Tony Merzetti asks the students in his Digital Film Production class to complete a number of technical exercises designed to familiarize them with different kinds of film equipment; he and his students find many of the necessary resources at CETL's Equipment Pool. Read more>>

Sophie Lavoie - Cell Phones, Laptops and Facebook 

Attending the CETL event "Cell Phones, Laptops and Facebook... What Can I Do About Them?" gave Sophie Lavoie ideas on how to take advantage of distracting technologies in her classroom. Read more>>

Mike Johnston - Fostering Arts

Mike Johnston is the Technical Director for Memorial Hall and an instructor with the UNB Drama Program. Over the years he has received CETL support on projects like the New Brunswick Provincial Drama Festival. Read more>>