BA in Psychology with Specialization in BioPsychology

The BA degree offers two programs in Psychology with a Specialization in BioPsychology. You should consult the UNB Calendar for the details of each program.

The lists below provide links to the advising worksheet forms for each of the programs. Note: The worksheets are in Acrobat format (.pdf). These are special files which produce a better quality of printed page than printing out the browser display. Your browser must have the Acrobat Reader plug-in installed.

All students graduating in 2004 and later will follow the programs described below. If you do not think these programs fit with your program you will have to see the Psychology Advisor before proceeding. The Academic Advisor for the BA with specialization in biopsychology program in Psychology is Dr. Nicki. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Nicki, please use the Appointment Signup Sheet located on his office door, Room 126, Keirstead Hall.