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Advanced-Level Courses (first digits 3 or 4)

In order to register for any advanced-level course, a student must be able to demonstrate a competence in French equivalent or superior to that normally attained by the successful completion (C or higher) of FR 2054.

Advanced-level courses are of three kinds:

  • language acquisition (second digit 0),
    • Language acquisition courses (3034, 3044, 3054, 3204, 3064, 4034, 4054). FR 3054 is the prerequisite for FR 4034\4054. Students who already have credit for FR 3034\3054 may take other Advanced Language classes, such as 3044 or 3204, or they may proceed directly to 4034. Francophone students may not take 3034 or 4034; Immersion graduates may not take 3034.
  • specialized courses in linguistics (4),
    • Linguistics (3404, 3414, 3424, 3454, 3464, 3484, 4414, 4464, 4465). FR 3404 is the prerequisite for 3424, 3454, 3464, and 4465. FR 3464 is a prerequisite for 4464. FR 4414 requires two FR/LING courses as prerequisites.
  • and specialized courses in literature (5,6,8).
    • Literature courses are of three kinds:
      • a) courses offering a variety of critical approaches, not limited to France or Canada (second digit 5);
      • b) term-courses in various periods of French European literature (second digit 6);
      • c) term-courses in aspects of French Canadian literature (second digit 8).
    • Check the time-table to see which courses are being offered in the current session. Fuller descriptions of the courses which are being taught are available from the departmental office. Courses listed here under (b) and (c) may be taken by junior and senior level students. In each course a period of literature will be studied, the principal focus being on a small number of prescribed texts.

Students honouring or majoring in French are required to choose a number of specialized courses. Students honouring or majoring in another discipline who wish to continue the study of French may take any advance-level French course, provided they have the necessary language background or pre-requisite coursework.