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French Undergraduate Program

General Information

Courses are offered in language acquisition at all levels. Advanced-level courses are offered in language, linguistics and literature. All courses are conducted in French.

Courses whose second digit is 0 form a basic program in language acquisition, proceeding by complementary pairs in which the emphasis falls on different aspects of language learning (Oral communication\written communication) thus : 1034/1044, 2034/2054, 3034/3054, 4034/4054. Students who intend to work towards the Certificate of Proficiency in French follow this sequence. Each pair of courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher before beginning the next level.

A different sequence is followed by graduates of Immersion programmes and by Francophones. See Placement



Persons who are not majoring or honouring in French and who would like to have official recognition of their competence in the French language may apply to the program: