Major / Minor

Major in English

The Department offers in its general programme a wide range of courses in British, Canadian, American, and Postcolonial literature. It also offers courses in creative and expository writing, film and drama production, some of which are basic parts of special programmes in Drama and in Creative Writing.

Admission to a Major Programme

All Major students must complete ENGL 1000 (or equivalent) and ENGL 2901 and 2902, with a grade of C or better. A student who does not take ENGL 2901 and 2902 in the second year of the programme must take the missing course(s) in the third year. A student with a high standing in introductory courses and a particular interest in English should consider entering the Honours programme (see Honours in English). The Major programme is designed to give students interested in English the opportunity of pursuing their studies with a good deal of freedom in the choice of courses.

Major in English (Single/Double Major)

Photo of ColumnSingle Major students must, as part of their final 60 ch, complete a minimum of 30 ch of advanced-level (3rd- and 4th-year) English courses, including 6 ch in literature in English before 1660 and 6 ch in literature in English, 1660-1900. Courses meeting the pre-1660 requirement include ENGL 3040, 3260, 3263, 3283, and 3284. Courses meeting the 1660-1900 literature requirement include ENGL 3343, 3385, 3400, 3406, 3410, 3416, 3443, 3608, 3707, and 3708. Other courses in these areas may be offered from time to time. For a Double Major the requirements are the same, except that the advanced-level minimum is 24 ch. No course may be counted toward the fulfilment of the minimum Major requirement unless it is passed with a grade of C or better.

In order to give a recognizable coherence to the regular Major programme, some regulations are in effect regarding the minimum 30 ch (Single Major) or 24 ch (Double Major) of advanced-level courses. Students are permitted to count in this minimum no more than a total of 9 ch of upper-level courses drawn from the following group:Film Studies, Writing (Creative, Expository, or Screen), and Theatre (Drama Production). Any advanced-level English course may be chosen in addition to the specified minimum.

Students transferring credits from another university should note that at least half the advanced-level credits counted toward a UNB English Major must be from courses taken at the University of New Brunswick. Please note: all courses for the Major must be free electives (that is, electives which are not used to meet Faculty requirements or those of another programme) within a student’s programme.

Admission of English Majors to Honours seminars will depend on the numbers enrolled and the standing in English of the student applying. Students admitted to Honours seminars should have demonstrated an ability to work at the Honours level.

All students entering the Major programme should consult with the Director of Majors, Honours, and Minors.

Minor in English

The Minor in English consists of at least 24 ch in ENGL completed with a grade of C or better, at least 12 ch of these from advanced-level (third- and fourth-year) courses. The courses for the Minor must be approved by the Director of Majors, Honours, and Minors and must form a "coherent set or sequence of courses" as called for by the general university regulations for the Minor. Students should note that any courses compulsory for their programmes may not be counted toward a Minor.

Students transferring credits from another university should note that at least half the credits counted towards a UNB Minor in English must be from courses taken at the University of New Brunswick.Students pursuing an ENGL Minor, especially those registered in the BEd program, are strongly advised to take ENGL 1000 (or a combination of courses such as ENGL 1144 or ENGL 1145 and ENGL 2263, ENGL 2603, ENGL 2608, ENGL 2703, or ENGL 2903) and ENGL 2901 and ENGL 2902 as a lower-level foundation.

For information on the Drama option for the Major in English and the Minor in Drama, please visit the webpages for Drama at UNB. 

For information on the Creative Writing option for the Major in English, please visit the webpages for Creative Writing at UNB.