Creative Writing - Undergraduate

The Department offers a Creative Writing option within the English Major as well as through the Honours Programme. The requirements for the Major are that a student complete the normal English Major requirements in terms of both historical coverage and course restrictions as explained under the Major Programme along with courses from relevant creative writing areas, as indicated below. Requirements for the Creative Writing option for Honours students can be found on the Honours Programme page.


  • ENGL 2195 Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry and Drama
  • ENGL 2196 Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction and Screenwriting

Plus at least two of the following courses:

  • ENGL 3123 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENGL 3143 Creative Writing: Fiction
  • ENGL 3163 Creative Writing: Drama
  • ENGL 3183 Creative Writing: Screenwriting for Short Formats
  • ENGL 3186 Creative Writing: Feature Screenplay

Creative Writing students can count either ENGL 3183 or ENGL 3186 towards their degree (but not both).

Any student who is interested in this program should consult the Co-Directors of Creative Writing, Professor Ross Leckie or Professor Sue Sinclair. For more information on the MA in Creative Writing, please visit the Creative Writing homepage.

Courses in Writing

In spite of recent technological changes, our culture still requires high levels of literacy. Skills in reading and writing are basic to other subjects at the university as well as to English courses. They are also valuable for any career a student may pursue after graduation. All the Department’s courses include an emphasis on writing, with all first-year courses providing in-class writing instruction in improving writing skills. Those with a specific focus on writing are described below. The Department of English offers four courses in expository writing:

  • Introduction to Modern Literature in English (ENGL 1000)
  • Fundamentals of Clear Writing (ENGL 1103)
  • Reading and Writing Non-Fiction Prose (ENGL 1144)
  • An Introduction to Prose Fiction (ENGL 1145)

The Department also regularly offers seven courses in Creative Writing:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry and Drama (ENGL 2195)
  • Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction and Screenwriting (ENGL 2196)
  • Creative Writing: Poetry (ENGL 3123)
  • Creative Writing: Short Fiction (ENGL 3143)
  • Creative Writing: Drama (ENGL 3163)
  • Creative Writing: Screenwriting for Short Formats (ENGL 3183)
  • Creative Writing: Feature Screenplay (ENGL 3186)

All these courses include workshops devoted to the analysis of assignments written by the students. 

ENGL 1000 is designed mainly for Arts students, but is open to students from all faculties; it is normally required for the English Major and for Honours. The course helps students improve their practical skills in critical reading and written analysis; a substantial portion of the course is devoted to improving writing skills.

ENGL 1103 is designed for students who wish to write standard English with proficiency. It teaches writing skills including punctuation, grammar, diction, sentence structure, paragraph construction, and general essay structure. Enrolment in ENGL 1103 is limited to 35 students per section.

ENGL 1144 and ENGL 1145 are large lecture courses; their weekly tutorials emphasize writing, with the focus in ENGL 1145 being on the basic mechanical skills and the focus in ENGL 1144 being on larger rhetorical elements. These courses are available to all UNB students who want a literature course with some in-class emphasis on writing. These courses are designed to teach reading and writing skills to students from all disciplines.

ENGL 2195 and ENGL 2196 are second-year Creative Writing courses which discuss the craft of poetry and fiction, though some attention is also given to drama and screenwriting.

ENGL 3123, ENGL 3143, ENGL 3163, ENGL 3183, and ENGL 3186 are advanced Creative Writing courses designed for students with a strong interest in writing fiction, poetry, or drama, as well as participating in screenwriting and writing for the new media. Enrolment in these courses is limited, and students should register as early as possible. Priority for admission will be given to students intending to major or honour in English.