Undergraduate Prizes

Prizes open to all students | First Year | Second Year | Third Year | Fourth Year | Prizes that require application

Please check the most recent UNB Undergraduate Calendar for changes in prize value or conditions.

Open to all students

  • Department of English Book Token Prize. For the best essay in an introductory English course written by a student who is in the second or higher year of his or her studies.
  • Muriel Miller Award in Creative Writing. Most promising undergraduate in the Creative Writing programme.
  • Angela Ludan Levine Memorial Book Prize. Best creative work, graduate or undergraduate.

First Year

  • photo of flowerW. S. Carter Memorial Prize: $240. For an outstanding student in first-year English.
  • Form and Format Prize: one or more prizes totalling $1000. For excellence in at least 6 ch of first-year English. Each candidate must be nominated by the course instructor.
  • First-Year Essay Prize: $100. For an outstanding essay written in an English course by a first-year student.
  • Alvin Shaw Memorial Scholarship in Theatre: $2000. For a first-year student with an outstanding record in high school drama who is enrolling in ENGL 2170 with the intention of completing a Fine Arts Minor in Theatre or a Major in English (Drama). Renewable.

Second Year

  • Saint George Prize: $180. For the highest standing in second-year English.
  • Ralph St. J. and Charles E. Freeze Prize: $180. For an outstanding scholar in second-year English.
  • Marion Anderson Memorial Prize: $1200. Awarded to the most promising student entering the Honours programme in English.
  • Richard Burpee Hanson Prize: $450. Awarded to the male student (other than a Beaverbrook Scholar) with the highest second-year grades in English and History.
  • Second-Year Essay Prize: $100. For an outstanding essay written in an English course by a second-year student.
  • Alvin Shaw Memorial Scholarship in Drama Production: $2000. To a B.A. student enrolled in the Fine Arts Minor in Theatre who is judged to be the top performer in ENGL 2170.

Third Year

  • Richard Bagley Memorial Scholarship: $500. Awarded annually to an English Major or Honours student who graduated from a New Brunswick high school and has shown excellence in upper-level Canadian Literature.
  • Marshall d’Avray Prize in English Literature: $500. For an undergraduate student in one of the regular courses of the third year who has shown the most promise in English.
  • Third-Year Essay Prize: $100. For an outstanding essay written in an English course by a third-year student.
  • Alvin J. Shaw Prize in Theatre Arts: $600. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence to a student entering the final 30 ch leading to a Major in English (Drama) on the Fredericton campus.

Fourth Year

  • photo of flowerDean D. Kermode Parr Prize in English: at least $400. For high standing in fourth-year English.
  • Archdeacon Forsyth Prize: $200. For the student who displays the greatest proficiency in English.
  • The Cyrus and Anne Eaton Prize in American Studies: variable value. For the student or students in the graduating class who have done the most distinguished work in American Studies (in the Departments of English and History).
  • Tom Riesterer Memorial Prize: $200. For the best undergraduate or graduate essay in English.
  • Murray Kinloch Memorial Prize: variable value. For a student on the Fredericton campus with a distinguished record in Linguistics. It is not restricted to Majors or Honours students in Linguistics.
  • Douglas Gold Medal. This is the University’s most prestigious undergraduate award, which is awarded each year at Encaenia to the student who writes the “best composition in prose or verse in the Greek, Latin or English languages on any subject within the regular course of study pursued in the University.” The Department of English proudly notes the frequency with which its students have won this award; some recent winners are Iain Macpherson (1993), Ted Hamilton (1995), Alexandra Clark (2000), Katia Grubisic (2002), Megan Woodworth (2003), Sarah Nason (2004) and Stephanie Yorke (2006).

Prizes and Scholarships for which Students Must Apply

In order to be considered for the following three prizes (Bliss Carman Memorial Prize, Sir Charles G.D. Roberts Memorial Prize, David H. Walker Prize in Creative Writing), students must submit a manuscript to the Department of English. All deadlines will be announced in classes and posted on bulletin boards early in the Winter Term. All submissions must include a cover sheet with your name, address, phone number, email address and student number. Because of the anonymous nature of these contests, please do not put any identifying information on the manuscript.

  • The Bliss Carman Memorial Prize: $250. For the best group of six poems of not more than forty lines each submitted by an undergraduate student. No student may win the prize more than twice.
  • The Sir Charles G. D. Roberts Memorial Prize: $400. For the best short story submitted by an undergraduate student.
  • The David H. Walker Prize in Creative Writing: $1000. For a gifted undergraduate or graduate writer. Applicants should submit a sample of their recent work (a short story or chapter of a novel, minimum 1500 words). Past winners of this award are not eligible to enter the competition, and the work submitted cannot have previously won an award or prize. Finalists will be interviewed by the selection committee.
  • Bliss Carman Memorial Scholarships in English Literature. A number of these scholarships (donated by the late Dr. Lorne Pierce) are available to students in the Faculty of Arts. Students must have completed at least the normal requirements for the first year of the Arts degree programme at UNB. Preference will be given to students who have demonstrated excellence in at least 12 ch in English. The value of the scholarships varies. Interested students must apply to the Undergraduate Awards Office, University of New Brunswick, between January 1 and April 15.
  • Ben and Millie Guss Scholarship. This scholarship is available to students who have completed the first year of their degree programmes and intend to pursue an interest in the fine arts, including creative writing, theatre, film, music, visual arts, or multimedia studies. Interested students must apply to the Undergraduate Awards Office, University of New Brunswick, between January 1 and April 15.