English Undergraduate Program

Photo of Plant on Window LedgeOur undergraduate program offers courses in literature, creative writing, drama, and film. Students have opportunities to make films, participate in dramatic productions, and publish in journals such as QWERTY and The Journal of Student Writing. Students can also join the Albert Ross Society, the English Department's undergraduate club, which hosts events and activities throughout the year.

Our literature courses cover all areas of English-language poetry, drama, and prose, from the Medieval era to the present day.  All of our classes are small, and we encourage students to interact with faculty. For students interested in carrying out advanced literary research, we offer specialized Honours seminars.  For more information about our program, explore our web site, or contact our Director of Majors, Honours, and Minors.

Connect with us on our blog, Frond and Spore, through Facebook, and on Twitter, @unb_englishdept.