Archaeology Interdepartmental Program


UNB is the only university in the Atlantic Provinces and one of a few across Canada that grants a BA in Archaeology and offers students the opportunity to concentrate on Anthropological or Classical Archaeology!

What is Classical Archaeology?

The Department of Classics and Ancient History offers a wide variety of courses in Classical Archaeology which focus on the material remains of the Greek and Roman worlds and to some extent the societies with which these cultures interacted (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Near East, Anatolia, North Africa).  Students from all UNB Faculties have the opportunity to take introductory level courses (1000 and 2000) and delve into the fascinating world of the art and architecture of these civilizations, explore the scientific methods of identifying and excavating sites, learn about the engineering feats of the Greeks and Romans, become acquainted with the various biological sciences (i.e. botany, forensic anthropology) and scientific dating methods used in the study of human remains, dive into the world of ancient shipwrecks, and unravel the mysteries of these ancient civilizations.

Upper level courses (3000 and 4000) may be taken by those with a general interest in Classical Archaeology, regardless of Department or Faculty, provided that they have the required prerequisites. For those interested in majoring in Classical Archaeology, an interdepartmental degree granting program (minors, major or honours) in Archaeology is offered jointly by the Department of Classics and Ancient History and the Department of Anthropology at UNB. This program allows students to pursue a BA in Archaeology with an emphasis on Classical or New World Archaeology. 

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