The UNB Centre for Musical Arts offers a variety of credit and non-credit offerings to enhance the musical knowledge of students at UNB. Courses include the traditional topics such as Music Theory and Music History, to the more specialized classes, such as Music, Computers & Technology, Music & Cinema and Conducting. We also have online options offered this year, such as Music Through the Ages and Music of the World. The music ensembles such as concert band, orchestra and choir can be taken for credit or as an extra-curricular activity as everyone is welcome. For the more interested student, the Minor in Music allows the student to group a variety of music courses into a cohesive set of learnings. The Centre for Musical Arts has something to offer for anyone with a musical interest.


Minor in Music

The Music Minor offers students from all Faculties the opportunity to study music from a variety of perspectives, including theory, history, and analysis, and performance, among others. It is designed so as to create rich learning experiences for students interested in making music as well as for those primarily interested in learning about music. For details of courses and requirements, see below.


Admission to the Music Minor is open to students from any Faculty who have completed 30 ch towards a degree. Students should contact the Director of Music for program approval and advising. Students are encouraged to begin the Minor in their second year of study.

Program of Study

The Minor consists of 24 credit hours approved by the Director. Of these 24 ch, at least 12 ch must be at the upper level. All students are required to take at least one of the following theory-based courses: MUS 2113 , MUS 2114 , MUS 2123 , or MUS 2124 , and at least one of the following history-based courses: HIST/MUS 3775 , 3785 , 3795 , or 3796 . For the remainder of the courses, students are expected to consult with the Director of Centre for Musical Arts to ensure a coherent set of courses is selected to reflect a distinct area of concentration. Students wishing to focus on performance will typically take at least 12 ch from performance and theory based courses, while students primarily interested in the history and appreciation of music will typically take at least 12 ch from courses in those areas.

View our courses page for currently offered courses and course descriptions.

Please view the UNB Undergraduate Calendar for more detailed information on the Minor in Music.

Private Lessons:

MUS 3003/3004m1

  1. Private lessons must be from a teacher who has been approved by the Centre for Musical Arts.
  2. A minimum of 20 lessons over two terms must be taken. Each lesson must be at least 30 minutes in length.
  3. The student will pay the teacher for the lessons- this is not covered in UNB tuition.
  4. Each individual teacher will be responsible for student evaluations.


MUS 3005/3006/3007 

  1. The student will participate in one of the UNB directed ensembles (UNB Chorale, UNB Concert Band or Fredericton Chamber Players) for 4 terms.
  2. Attendance is mandatory.
  3. Evaluation will be based on attendance and contribution to the ensemble.

These courses in music give the student an opportunity to experience the practical side of the art.

By participating in private lessons or in an ensemble, they will acquire skill on a chosen instrument and musical literacy.

For both MUS 3001 and 3002, registration should be done at the beginning of the final term of the course. Registering before the final term will result in an INC on the student's transcript.

All students must fill out a registration form at the Centre for Musical Arts, in consultation with the Director of Music, before enrolling in MUS 3001/3002.

Band - Orchestra - Choir

The UNB Concert Band

Under the direction of Björn Runefors, the UNB Concert Band meets on Tuesdays from 5:30-7PM in the auditorium of Memorial Hall.m5

The band welcomes students, staff and members of the community at large. It plays at Fall Convocation, at the end of term concerts and in collaboration with the local community band. Some instruments are available for loan.

The UNB Chorale

The UNB Chorale is also under the direction of Björn Runefors. They rehearse in Room 23 of Memorial Hall on Mondays from 7 - 9pm. The choir participates in concerts on campus as well as other events in the community. No auditions - if you can carry a tune, you are welcome - students, faculty, staff and the general community.

Fredericton Chamber Orchestra

The Fredericton Chamber Players under the baton of Richard Hornsby is a community orchestra which welcomes students. It performs various concerts throughout the year. Rehearsals take place on Saturdays from 2:30-4:30PM in room 23 of Memorial Hall.



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