Media Arts & Cultures

Marshall McLuhan, the great Canadian media scholar, once said, “We don’t know who discovered water but we know it wasn’t a fish”. In other words, those who are most immersed in something often aren’t aware of what is all around them. People rarely give much thought to the incredible media ecosystem that envelops and involves them. Instead many are happy to be carried along wherever the tides and trends may lead.

In Media Arts & Cultures, we are different. 

You will not only learn to see the water, you will dive deep and explore its depths. You will think critically about media and its relationship to our wider culture. But there’s more. What makes the program truly special is that you will learn about media by making media. You will not only consider, critique, and engage intellectually with media, you will the learn tools and techniques used today to create media content.

For example, we offer courses in the history and language of film, but we also offer courses in film production. We offer courses that explore the growing field of game studies, from early theorists’ thoughts on play and games in western culture to contemporary video game analysis and design. A Media Arts & Cultures might examine the development of modern art, the changing nature of television, contemporary practices in graphic design, the meaning of digital culture, how images communicate meaning, why social media is important, and much more. In these classes, you will not only learn from reading textbooks but also from screening a film, exploring a website, or playing a game. Our students write well-researched papers and give in-class presentations, but their assignments also include videos and films, photo essays, media remixes, animations, blogs, original video games, and apps for mobile devices.  In other words, we place a high value on developing university level critical reading and writing skills, but our students also use a variety of other media to learn and to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.

In Media Arts & Cultures, we'll teach you to be both a critical consumer and a creative producer, both a scholar of media and an author of media.

Program Structures

Students interested in Media Arts & Cultures have a variety of options when choosing one of our programs. The most common program is the Major, which requires 12 ch of Introductory and Intermediate level courses plus 30 ch of Upper Level courses (including certain required courses). Students can also choose the "Film Production option" within the Major, or a Double Major with another disciplne.

Media Arts & Cultures also has an Honours program (as well as Joint Honours) and students interested in the "Film Production option" mentioned above can also complete that within the Honours program.

Finally, for those majoring in other areas, there is Minor in Media Arts & Cultures available that requires only 24 ch of MAAC courses.

Read over detailed checklists of requirements for each of these programs for more information.

Our MAAC Brochure can be found here.


Scott Preston

Assistant Professor, Media Arts & Cultures
Dept of Culture and Media Studies
University of New Brunswick
Box 4400, Fredericton, NB, E3B 5A3
Phone: (506) 447-3291