This program is not accepting any new admissions at this time. Please refer to the Department of Culture and Media Studies for further information on the Concentration in German.

Students who are not primarily drawn to German language courses, but who still retain a lively interest in the German contribution to Western civilization, may take one of several literature or culture courses in which texts and instruction are in English, and for which no knowledge of German is required. These courses focus on various writers, movements, and aspects of German literature, culture, or film. Students specializing in German will attain a wider knowledge of different cultural models and theories, and will also study a variety of literary masterpieces.

Program Structure

A variety of language acquisition courses is offered at all four undergraduate years.

Students with no previous experience of German will normally enroll either in GER1001/1002. GER 1033 (syllabus) is also a first-year course requiring no previous knowledge of German, and is designed primarily to help students to read German texts in their particular fields of interest. The total sequence of language courses aims at reaching a level of proficiency that would enable a student to be linguistically competent in a German-speaking environment.

Major in German

Students majoring in German (single or double majors), are required to complete 24 advanced ch in German, with no grades below C.

Minor in German

Students in Minors are required to complete 24 ch in German, taken in the following sequence: GER 1001/1002; GER 2001/2002 (syllabus); GER 3011, and 3022, and 6 ch from advanced literature, film, or culture courses.

Honours and Joint Honours

Students in Single Honours are required to complete 36 advanced ch in German with no grades below B-. Students in Joint Honours are required to complete 24 advanced ch in German with no grades below B-.

Note: Students majoring or honouring in German normally spend one academic year at a university in a German-speaking country, preferably in their third or fourth year of study. Interested students should consult the undergraduate advisor for German before November 30 of the year prior to the time of departure.

Study Abroad in Germany

A student who attends language or literature courses either at one of the Goethe Institutes in the Federal Republic of Germany or at a university in a German-speaking country will be awarded up to 12 ch upon departmental recommendation. Students attending the Canadian Summer School in Germany may be awarded up to 6 ch upon departmental recommendation. Students who participate in the Work-and-Study program (Werkstudentenprogramm) may receive 3 advanced-level ch, subject to a departmental evaluation upon return.

For further information on a variety of other summer language programs, consult the undergraduate adviser for German. For a description of study abroad programs (summer term and full year) consult the Departmental website.

German Club

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