About Us

NB-IRDT was established in early 2015 through the collaboration of many New Brunswick government departments including the Department of Health; the Executive Council Office; Post-secondary Education, Training and Labour; Education and Early Childhood Development; and Social Development. Its creation was funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Province of New Brunswick, and its continued operation will be supported by the Province of New Brunswick as well as by awards from CIHR, NBHRF, and other organizations.

NB-IRDT was created to:

  • Effectively provide researchers with access to prepared and/or de-identified personal level administrative data in a secure, controlled environment, while ensuring the protection of personal privacy of New Brunswickers
  • Conduct policy relevant research to support informed and effective government decision-making
  • Expand and support data stewardship and preservation
  • Support and contribute to effective knowledge dissemination
  • Develop research capacity through training
  • Be an integral part of the research infrastructure for the province of New Brunswick

We use safeguards to ensure privacy protection and the security of data of New Brunswick citizens. To protect this privacy, the data we receive have all identifiers - names, Medicare numbers and addresses – removed. Instead, each file is given a unique number that allows us to link data between departments, which serves to expand the scope of research. Privacy is further protected by restricting access to this information. The information is held in a highly secure facility, and the information cannot be accessed from outside the NB-IRDT lab. Each researcher who wishes to access these data goes through a rigorous application process to ensure every New Brunswicker’s privacy is protected.

Our Strategic Plan

NB-IRDT's mission is to facilitate policy-relevant research by providing linkable provincial data and analysis to inform the development of evidence-based public policy for New Brunswick while respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the public.

Finalized in 2015, the NB-IRDT team has been actively working to turn the Strategic Plan from a visionary document to a realistic action plan. NB-IRDT has given itself the following major goals over the next five years:

  1. To be a leading repository for all research-relevant NB Government data sets
  2. To be an important contributor to the development of sound public policy in New Brunswick
  3. To improve research and build policymaking capacity in the Province
  4. To develop a funding model leading to financial sustainability for the Institute
  5. To be an employer of choice

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