For Students Applying to the Arts Internship

Admission to UNB Fredericton’s Faculty of Arts Internship is competitive. If you are interested in applying for an internship, you should either do so as you near the completion of your first two years of full-time study (60ch), or after you have already completed this stage of your degree program (i.e., when you are in your third year of full-time study). If you are admitted into the program, your first internship term will not occur until the fall or winter term following the term in which you submit your application to the program. Preference will be given to students who can indicate a direct relationship between the internship program and their previous work experience, current degree programs, and future career and educational goals. A 3.0 grade point average is the minimum requirement for admission into the program.

  • The first step of the application process involves contacting the Arts Internship Coordinator by email:

Make sure to include your name, student number, and some information about the type of placements you are interested in as well as which term(s) in which you plan to enroll.

  • If you are deemed eligible for the program based on the submitted Application Form, a member of the Faculty of Arts Internship Committee will contact you to schedule the second step of the application process, which consists of an interview session with the faculty internship committee. The interview sessions will be scheduled during March for fall admissions (ARTS 3000, 6ch, and ARTS 3001, 3ch), or during October for winter admissions (ARTS 3002, 3ch). The interview session will determine your admission into the program in general, and will also help to narrow down which placement the committee thinks you will be most suited to. The committee's decision will be based on both your indication of preferred placement option(s), as per the Application Form, and on the committee's assessment of your general suitability for the particular placements available. Some placement options may be more competitive than others, so even if you are determined to be eligible for the program, you may not be placed with your first or even your second placement choice. In general, the committee tries to match students with placements that are relevant to their degree programs and that relate to their previous work experience and future career goals. If you are selected for a placement, the committee will contact you shortly after the interview session to let you know which one you have been assigned.

If you are selected for admission into the program, a member of the Internship Committee will register you into one of the three course codes (ARTS 3000, 6ch; ARTS 3001, 3ch fall; ARTS 3002, 3ch winter). You will then be assigned a faculty supervisor from the Internship Committee, who will coordinate an onsite orientation session with you at your onsite placement. Prior to this orientation session, you will be asked to submit a cover letter and resume to your faculty supervisor, which they will forward to your onsite internship supervisor. During the onsite orientation session, you will be introduced to your onsite supervisor, who will be working with you directly over the course of the internship. You faculty supervisor will also be available throughout the internship term(s) for additional consultations, particularly in relation to the academic assignments that each internship requires (please see the internship syllabi for further details on assignments and grading distribution).

For more information about the program, please contact the Faculty of Arts Internship Committee.


Updated December 16, 2013