Law in Society programs aim to illuminate the intimate relationship between law and contemporary societies, from a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives. A Law in Society program is superb preparation for graduate study in traditional disciplines, and for professional studies including law, public administration, policing, social work, and business.

Double Major

The Law in Society major consists of thirty credit hours chosen from Law in Society course offerings. Twelve of the thirty credit hours must be chosen from the core courses. Additional core courses may be counted as electives. Core courses must be chosen from at least three departments or faculties. Twenty-four of the thirty credit hours must be upper-level courses (3000 level and above).

Joint Honours

Students intending to complete a Joint Honours program must apply in writing to a LWSO co-ordinator for admission. Normally, students wishing to complete a joint honours will apply before the beginning of their 3rd year and will have a minimum GPA of 3.3 or B+. A joint honours consists of 36ch of course work in the program, including completion of all the requirements for the Double Major (above) and completion of LWSO 5001.


The LWSO Minor consists of 24ch of course work, including 12ch, chosen from at least 3 disciplines, among the core courses. At least 18ch shall be upper-level courses (3000 level and above).