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Announcements, Events and Opportunities

Visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/unb-ids for announcements and information about events, internship opportunities, employment and more.

Library Resources

Harriet Irving Library has prepared a page of key reference and research materials for IDS students: http://lib.unb.ca/guides/categories/development


International Development Association

IDA Logo 
The International Development Association (IDA) is a student led organization at UNB aimed primarily at growing the awareness of UNB’s student body with regards to development issues around the world. The Association brings together various multidisciplinary groups on campus and in the community to foster greater awareness and understanding of the challenges facing developing countries. The overarching goal of the IDA is to better prepare the leaders of tomorrow in an increasingly globalized and developing world. While the IDA is currently dormant, anyone interested in reactivating the association should contact the program and the Student Union.


Graduate Programs

For information about the growing number of IDS Graduate Programs in Canada, visit: https://www.casid-acedi.ca/ccupids/graduate-program.

Internship Opportunities

Interships may be done in conjunction with Global Learning and Engagement. Contact Veronica McGinn or visit the UNB Global Learning and Engagement website for potential international internship opportunities. Funding support may be available.



Updated November 8, 2016