Enrollment Procedures and Requirements

Enrollment Procedures

To register, please contact the co-ordinator, Dr Joanne Wright, Tilley 215.


Admission to the Gender & Women's Studies Program is open to students in any faculty who have successfully completed 60 credit hours towards a degree. Students may select a Minor, Double Majors, or Joint Honours program.

With the Co-ordinator's permission, courses taken before a student enters the program may be counted for credit. (The Co-ordinator serves as academic counsellor for students in the program.)

The Minor consists of 24 credit hours of course work, chosen in consultation with the Co-ordinator of Gender & Women's Studies. The Double Major consists of 30 credit hours; Joint Honours, 36 credit hours.

Required Courses

GWS 1003: Introduction to GWS I

This course, open to all students, provides an introduction to GWS with an emphasis on contemporary perspectives from the humanities and social sciences. 3 ch.

GWS 2003: Introduction to GWS II

This course, open to all students, provides an introduction to GWS with an emphasis on historical perspectives from the humanities and social sciences. 3 ch.

GWS 4004: Seminar in GWS

This seminar examines some current priority issues for researchers and activists locally and globally, and it explores new theoretical and methodological perspectives for studying the gender-based aspects of society. 3 ch. (Prerequisite: GWS 1003 or 2003)

GWS 4900: Honours Thesis in GWS

The thesis option is open to and required of Joint Honours students only; it involves directed reading and research on a topic in Gender and Women’s Studies, leading to an Honours thesis. Students will consult with the Coordinator to find a suitable topic and supervisor. 6 ch. (Prerequisites: GWS 1003 or 2003 & 4004)

Core Courses (3ch each)

At least 12 credit hours will be selected from the following list of core courses, with good distribution across disciplines (normally 4). In consultation with the Coordinator, students will select the requisite number of additional courses. Course availability changes yearly. For scheduling, please search the UNB Undergraduate Timetable.

  • ANTH 3114    Gender, Sex, and Cultures
  • ANTH 3704    South Asia

  • ANTH 4204    Gender, Kinship and Marriage
  • ANTH 4502    Issues in Medical Anthropology 

  • ANTH 4702    Gender and Health

  • ARTS 3000    Internship in Arts (GWS) 3ch. or 6ch.
  • CLAS 3903    Women in Ancient Greece
  • ED 5181        Feminist Theory and Education 

  • ENGL 3883    Women's Writing in English

  • FR 3534        Women's Writing / Écrits de femmes
  • FR 3834        Contemporary Québéquois Women Writers / Écrivaines québécoises contemporaines
  • FVI 2001       Introduction to Family Violence Issues
  • FVI 3002       Social/Psychological Contexts of Abuse
HIST 3003     European Women 1450-1800
HIST 3325     A History of Sexualities 

  • HIST 3326     Gender Health & Medicine
  • HIST 4001     Heretics and Witches in Europe 1350-1560
  • HIST 4003     Women in the Early Modern Atlantic World
HIST 4242     Victorian Britain

  • HIST 4313     History of Women in Canadian Society

  • HIST 4323     The Family in North America

  • MAAC 3055    Women and Media
  • PHIL 3315     20th Century Women Philosophers
  • POLS 2503    Women and Politics
POLS 3441    Women Political Thinkers
  • POLS 3443    Feminist Issues in Political Thought
POLS 4722    Women, Gender and Development
PSYC 3263    Psychology of Women 

  • PSYC 3383    Women and Mental Health 

  • PSYC 4223    Sex and Gender: Differences & Similarities
  • RSS 4242      Gender, Sport, and Leisure 

  • SOCI 1543    Men and Women: Then and Now 

  • SOCI 2303    Sociology of Families 

  • SOCI 2313    Sociology of Women (I)
SOCI 3335    Religion, Gender and Society

  • SOCI 3543    Sociology of Gender Relations

  • SOCI 3634    Violence Against Women 

  • SOCI 4005    Feminist Theory

  • SOCI 4336    Families, Law, and Social Policy

  • SOCI 4337    Legal Reponses to Family Violence

  • SOCI 4345    Sociology of Women (II)

  • WLCS 4063   20th Century Women Writers
  • WLCS/MUS 3799   Women in Music
  • WLCS/RUSS 4061   Russian Women Writers
  • WLCS/SPAN 3062   Caribbean and Latin American Women Artists.
  • WLCS/SPAN 4062   Contemporary Spanish and Latin American Women Artists

In consultation with the Co-ordinator, students will select the requisite number of additional credit hours; either core or designated supplementary courses. With prior approval, courses in the Gender Studies Program at St. Thomas University may be counted.

Some departments offer honours seminars that may be pertinent. Please consult the relevant department for more details. Please consult the Co-ordinator of Gender & Women's Studies for the most recent lists of core and supplementary courses. Because of University-wide regulations, courses on women offered in Faculties other than Arts may be listed as core courses in Gender & Women's Studies, although they may not be eligible for Arts Faculty credit. Arts students seeking credit for Gender & Women's Studies courses outside their Faculty must ensure that they have Arts Faculty approval before they register for such courses.

Students interested in a Master’s or PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies develop individualized programs that may focus on women, gender, or feminist critique. IDST students take courses across the university and have thesis supervisors from various disciplines, including Gender & Women’s Studies.


Updated November 21, 2014