Archaeology - Interdepartmental Program


Archaeology Program Advisor

The Archaeology Interdepartmental Program offers a comprehensive, four-year curriculum covering anthropological archaeology, classical archaeology and related subjects. The core of the program is offered through the departments of Anthropology and Classics & Ancient History. Students have a choice of Minor, Major, Double Major, Honours or Joint Honours study, with emphasis in either an Anthropological Archaeology stream or a Classical Archaeology stream. The first two years of the program are comprised of required courses, which provide foundational overviews of the discipline of Archaeology. The upper-level program structure allows students to specialize in one of the two streams (Anthropological or Classical), students are required to take upper-level courses from both streams. Students who enroll in Honours study in Archaeology are required to take two fifth-level Honours seminars.

An important part of the program is the archaeological field work requirement. This requirement may be satisfied through completing a field school program offered by Anthropology or by Classics & Ancient History, or through field schools offered by other universities or research institutions, or through field experience gained in a non-university setting, such as employment on government-sponsored or private-sector cultural resource management-based archaeological projects.

Minor, Majors and Honours Programs in Archaeology

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