How to Apply

The deadline for all applications is January 15, for admission in the following September. Detailed instructions for the application process can be found in the Department of Sociology Graduate Handbook. Forms and other resources for admission to Graduate School are available online. See also the Graduate Calendar for important dates and other regulations pertaining to graduate study at UNB. Hard copies of the graduate calendar are available from the

School of Graduate Studies
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
E3B 5A3

In addition to the standard information required by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Department requires a statement of interest of approximately 600 words and an unofficial copy of your transcript.

The statement should outline your intended research topic and explain why you have chosen UNB. International students coming from non-English speaking countries are required to take the TOEFL.

Although not required, applicants are encouraged to include a CV or any other material they feel may help the Admissions Committee more accurately assess their case. For more specific information concerning Graduate Studies in Sociology, write to the:

Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Sociology
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton, N.B.
E3B 5A3.

Phone: (506) 453-4849
Fax: (506) 453-4659