Michael Bradley

Bradley, Michael T. (Professor), B.Sc. (Victoria), M.A., Ph.D. (Manitoba)

Teaching Interests: social psychology, psychophysiology, and cognition

Research Interests: deception, detection and statistics

Selected Publications:

    Bradley, M.T., Barefoot, C.A., Arsenault, A.M. (2011). Leakage of information to innocent suspects.  In Verschuere, B., Ben-Shakhar, G., Meijer, E.  Memory Detection: Theory and Application of the Concealed Information Test. Cambridge University Press: London. 187-200.

    Brand, A., Bradley, M.T., Best, L. & Stoica, G., (2011). Multiple Trials May Yield Exaggerated Effect Size Estimates .  Journal of General Psychology, 138, 1, 1-11.  

    Bradley, M.T., & Barefoot, C. (2010) Eliciting Information from Groups: Social Information and the Concealed Information Test. Canadian Journal of Behavioral Science,  42:2, 109-115.             

    Brand, A., Bradley, M.T., Best, L. & Stoica, G. (2008). Accuracy of effect size estimates from published psychological research.  Perceptual and Motor Skills, 106, 645-649.

    Stoica, G. & Bradley, M.T., (2007). Delayed response times. Applied Mathematical Sciences 59, 2913-2915.

    Stoica, G. & Bradley, M.T. (2007) Performance under a Priori Response Knowledge Applied Mathematical Sciences, 48, vol. 1, 2373-2377.