Alexander Wilson

Wilson, Alexander (Acting Chair, Professor), B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Manitoba)

Teaching Interests:  perception, statistics, cognitive neuropsychology, psychometrics

Research Interests:  perception, illusions, visual masking

Selected Publications

    Kincade, S., & Wilson, A.E. (2000). Effects of method, orientation, and size of angle on the Ponzo illusion. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 91, 837-847.

    Wilson, A., Pike, E., Pauley, C., Chalykoff, G., & Gilbert, E. (1996). Test-retest reliability of the participative decision making scale for student nurses. Psychological Reports, 79, 825-826.

    Pike, E., Wilson, A., Chalykoff, G., Gilbert, E., Pauley, C., Ellis, S., & Filthaut, E. (1996). Measuring expectation for participative decision making among graduating nurses.  Journal of Nursing Measurement, 4, 19-21.

    Fisher, B.E., Ross, K., & Wilson, A.E. (1994).  Parents' and childrens' ratings of sleep behavior, excitement, and tiredness:  A 10-week longitudinal study.  Journal of Genetic Psychology, 155, 191-200.