Funding and finances

For the estimated total cost of graduate study at UNB (including tuition and living expenses), please refer to the School of Graduate Studies website:

Applicants who submit completed applications by January 15th will be automatically considered for Faculty of Arts merit-based funding packages. These packages are comprised of scholarship funds that cover full domestic tuition fees or a significant portion of international tuition fees, and Teaching Assistant (TA) positions that provide September-April employment income sufficient to offset some living expenses. To be competitive for this funding, students generally need to have maintained an A (4.0) average in their undergraduate courses, and/or hold the equivalent of a First Class Honours degree. In a typical year, 20%-40% of political science MA students will receive this funding package.

All political science MAs will be considered for a limited number of TA positions. These are usually allocated in late August or early September of each year. Students normally hold a TA position for one semester per academic year. TAships provide employment income sufficient to offset some living expenses during the semester in which the TAship is held. In a typical year, between 60%-90% of political science MA students will receive TA positions.

Incoming students who are Canadian citizens and whose research may have “a significant social impact for New Brunswick” are eligible for a New Brunswick Social Innovation Fund award of up to $7000. Students are nominated by the political science department; if you are eligible for this award we will contact you directly to discuss the application process. The political science department can nominate one applicant per year.

While there are a range of funding opportunities available, this funding is awarded on a competitive basis, cannot be guaranteed to all students, and does not cover the full cost of graduate study, particularly for international students. Therefore, all applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for all external funding opportunities for which they are eligible.

Canadian applicants are encouraged to apply for SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) MA funding:

The application deadline for SSHRC Masters funding is normally the beginning of December, and the application process is time-consuming; applicants are advised to begin their application early, and to seek guidance from their academic supervisor.

International applicants may find some funding opportunities here:

All applicants are also encouraged to consult the UNB School of Graduate Studies website (, as well as all resources available through their undergraduate institution.