All graduate students accepted for full time study are automatically considered for fellowship funding by the university in early March. Students applying with an A average in their previous courses can reasonably expect fellowship support; other first class students are likely also to be funded, but this is not guaranteed. The Graduate Assistantship for MA students is worth over $4,000 per term of eligibility (based on a three-term year); PhD assistantships are worth more ($15,000 per year over three years). There are also a number of four-year awards made at over $20,000 per year for top PhD students. There are also a number of supplemental awards given to exceptional students from the University, Faculty of Arts, and Department of History. Foreign graduate students are charged an additional Differential Fee by the university, but if awarded a Graduate assistantship may receive additional funding to cover the Differential Fee.

Graduate students on assistantship are expected to provide the History Department with six hours of work per week during the academic year. Most students complete this work assignment by teaching a tutorial section in one of the Department's introductory undergraduate courses. Students normally find this activity a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

Certain other graduate scholarships and prizes are awarded solely at the discretion of the History Department. These include the Hugh John Flemming Scholarship for students in the history of the Maritime Provinces (which includes a $12,000 fellowship as well as smaller scholarships), the Beaverbrook Scholarship and the Bailey Scholarship. These scholarships and others are described in the Graduate Calendar. 

Helpful Tips for Writing SSHRC and other Grant Applications

Funds to Assist Travel and Research

The Henry Harvey Stuart Research Fund provides assistance to graduate students who require funds for travel and research. Priority is given to students working on New Brunswick history (including students presenting conference papers in that field), but support may become available to students in other fields as well. For the application form: Stuart Application Form (PDF File).  Other travel and research support is available through the Graduate School (Application Form), the History Graduate Student Society and the Department, as assistance for graduate students presenting papers at conferences.  Students in Military and International history may apply to the Brigadier Milton F. Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society for research support. The Department and the Faculty of Arts make available personal computer clusters.  A limited number of study carrels are made available to PhD students and graduate students with disabilities in the Harriet Irving Library; application can be made at the School of Graduate Studies. As well, the Department assumes responsibility for the costs of interlibrary loan and document delivery fees incurred by graduate students as part of their seminar and thesis research activities.