Admission Procedures

  1. To apply for admission to the MA or PhD program, candidates should consult the current Graduate Calendar. Applications are now made using the UNB Graduate Online Application system. Applications require the submission of official copies of all university-level transcripts, and three letters of recommendation.
  2. The deadline for completed applications to be considered for funding for the academic year beginning in September, is January 15. Students may apply after this date but there is no guarantee that they will be considered for funding. The earliest funding offers are made in March and all funding decisions are usually completed by the middle of June.
  3. Applicants for the MA program are encouraged to attach a letter or resumé to their application form describing their academic background and research interests if they feel that these are not sufficiently explained in the application form. This may be particularly important for candidates who are returning to university after an elapse of time.
  4. Applicants for the PhD program must find and communicate with a potential supervisor prior to submitting the formal application. The Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History, is able to assist applicants in this task. A formal research proposal will be required as part of the application, and this must be developed with the potential supervisor. For some guidelines in composing this proposal, click here.  Candidates will only be considered for admission to the PhD program if a member of the Department is willing to supervise their research project.  Moreover, the Department will normally admit to full time doctoral studies only those applicants likely to succeed in the graduate assistantship competition.
  5. Applicants may apply to become full or part-time students. Part-time students pursue a lighter course load. They are not eligible for financial support.