Recent Theses

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MA Theses: Creative Writing


Jenna Albert (Prof. Leckie) bec & call (poetry)

Grace Annear (Prof. Finlay and Prof. Jarman) Chronic (fiction)

Ryan Gaio (Prof. Jarman) Booty and Cheeba (fiction)

Emily Skov-Nielsen (Prof. Leckie) Meet Me at the Volta (poetry)


Alexander Carey (Prof. Jarman) The Line: A Novel (fiction)

Katie Fewster-Yan (Prof. Leckie) Sick & I (poetry)

Steven Suntres (Prof. Jarman) Rave Jesus (fiction)


Martin Ainsley (Prof. Jarman) Miscreants (fiction)

Michael Meagher (Prof. Jarman) Work Work (fiction)

Andrew Ramos (Prof. Leckie) The Tragedy of Iago (poetry)

Rebecca Salazar (Prof. Leckie) What if we don't come home (poetry)


Lynette Adams (Prof. Andrews) The Blue Wonder (fiction)

Emily Bosse (Prof. Jarman) Here Comes Happiness (fiction)

Kyle Donnelly  (Prof. Jarman) Jaguar Mask (fiction)

Charlie Fiset (Prof. Jarman) The Mouth Came First (fiction)

Richard Kemick (Prof. Leckie) Caribou Run (poetry)


Peter Frieswick (Gerry Beirne, HRA; Prof. Jarman) Crossing the Line (fiction)

Matthew Gwathmey (Prof. Leckie) Return to the River (poetry)

Michael Jessome (Prof. Jarman) Cape Breton’s Last Days (fiction)

Brittany Lauton (Prof. Ball) The Fire Parade (fiction)

Leah Schoenmakers (Prof. Ball) Final Call (fiction)

Chasity St. Louis (Gerry Beirne, HRA; Prof. Rimmer) Lord of the Fishes (fiction)


Zachary Alapi (Prof. Jarman) The Aspiring (fiction)

Benjamin Anderson (Prof. Jarman) Plague of Fleas (fiction)

Oksana Berda (Prof. Leckie) What the Light Did Now (poetry)

Sarah Bernstein (Prof. Leckie) We must all make do with what rags we find (poetry)

Christina Cooke (Prof. Ball) Reflecting Spectral (fiction)

Kayla Geitzler (Prof. Leckie) That Light Feeling Under Your Feet (poetry)

Rob Jacobsen (Prof. Jarman) The Philosopher King (fiction)

Christopher (Kit) Jenkin (Prof. Jarman) A Procession of Eyes: Seven Stories and a Novella (fiction)

Claire Kelly (Anne Compton, HRA) Taking the Same Route (poetry)

Michael Milech (Prof. Falkenstein) The Never-Again Club (play)

Matthew Mott (Prof. Creelman and Eden Robinson, HRA) Finding Woods (fiction)

Katherine Murray (Prof. Ball) Shadow Self Portrait (fiction)

Daniel Renton (Prof. Leckie) Shucks (poetry)

Chantelle Rideout (Prof. Leckie) a harmony of spheres (poetry)

Patricia Robinson (Prof. Leckie) Of Proprioception (poetry)

Celia Thompson (Prof. Jarman) Sweet Beast (fiction) 


Peter Forestell (Prof. Andrews) Clock the Tea and Other Stories (fiction)

Rebecca Geleyn (Prof. Leckie) Anything Called Cinnabar (poetry)

Sarah Khokhar (Prof. Jarman) The Khalifa's Daughter (fiction)

Allison LaSorda (Prof. Leckie) Saints in the Opeongo (poetry)

Zachary Wells (Prof. Leckie) Sum (poetry)


Corinna Chong (Prof. Ball) Belinda's Rings (fiction)

Michael Doyle (Prof. Jarman) Let Me Adore You (fiction)

Benjamin Griffin (Prof. Leckie) Partial Fog Lessening (poetry)

Matthew Heiti (Prof. Falkenstein) I Drag My Coffin Through the Lonesome North (play)

Justin Joschko (Prof. Jarman)  Gorilla Girl (fiction)

Ryan Marshall (Prof. Jarman) Tottori (fiction)

April Ripley (Prof. Leckie) The Question of Skeleton (poetry)

Jeremy Whiston (Profs. Snook and Jarman) The Awful Things They Did to You (fiction)


Kathleen Brown (Prof. Falkenstein and Anne Simpson) our mouths are filters: DOCUMENTING IN THE BRINK (drama)

Carson Butts (Prof. Tryphonopoulos and Sharon McCartney, HRA) Berlin Duration (poetry)

Jennifer Houle (Prof. Leckie)  Heavy Metals (poetry)

Patrick Leech (Prof. Moore) The Marginaliad (fiction)

Rod Moody-Corbett (Prof. Jarman) Arthur's Qualities (fiction)

Diane Reid (Prof. Tryphonopoulos) Tea Party (poetry)

Emily Ruskovich (Prof. Ball) Mock Orange (fiction)

Stephanie Yorke (Profs. Leckie & McKay) The Truroaid (poetry) 


Karen Hann (Prof. Jarman) Nobody's Children (fiction)

Daniel Jacobs (Prof. Jarman) Jerusalem Engine (fiction)

Matthew Leslie (Prof. Jarman) A Tale of Two Stories (fiction)

Laura Pearson (Prof. Leckie) Sardines on Toast (poetry)

Gregory Shupak (Profs. Ball & Jarman) Killing Time (fiction)

Kari Trogen (Prof. Falkenstein) MAUD (drama)


Susan Bowers (Profs. Compton & Moore) No Choice in What Remains (poetry)

Kamia Creelman (Prof. Austin) Un-Rung: A Long Short Story (fiction)

Catherine Greenwood (Profs. Austin & Rimmer)  Matilda Dyck; or, The Monk:  A Canadian Gothic (novel)

Debra Franke (Prof. Leckie)  Where the Back Roads Take You (poetry)

Michael Lockett (Profs. Ball & Leckie) Whittling the Cumbersome (multi-genre)

Kirstie McCallum (Prof.  Leckie) Osmosis (poetry)

Vanessa Moeller (Prof. Leckie) Sane Love's Realm (poetry)

Brandon Moores (Profs. Klinck & Tryphonopoulos)  Eighty Eight Epigrams (poetry)

Emilia Nielsen (Anne Simpson & Prof. Tryphonopoulos) Surge (poetry)

Paula Thomas (Prof. Falkenstein) Alabaster Baby (drama)


Maureen Bilerman (Prof. Jarman) Catch & Release (fiction)

Kristina Bresnen (Prof. Leckie) Pascal's Fire (poetry)

Stewart Cole (Prof. Leckie)  Questions in Bed (poetry)

Jill Connell (Prof. Falkenstein) The Shark Tumour Collection (drama)

Rebecca Fredrickson (Prof. Jarman) Theatre in E Minor (fiction)

Joel Katelnikoff (Prof. Jarman)  Hijinx Ensue (fiction)

David O'Hara (Prof. Ball) Here be Monsters (novel)

Erin Knight (Prof. Leckie) The Sweet Fuels (poetry)

James Langer (Prof. Leckie) Gun Dogs (poetry)

Abby Irit Miller (Prof. Andrews) Unbinding Isaac: A Work of Near Fiction (fiction)


Erin Bryce (Prof. Jarman)  Great Fish Stories (fiction)

Andrea Doukas (Prof. Jarman) Waiting for Monsoon (creative non-fiction)

Naomi Lewis (Prof. Ball) Cricket in a Fist:  A Novel in Seven Stories (fiction)

Anthony Robinson-Smith (Prof. Jarman) "Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time" (creative non-fiction)

Katherine Wrobel (Prof. Leckie) The Jade Waters of the Delta (poetry)

MA Theses: Academic


Melissa Brennan (Prof. Schryer) Without Killing the Child: The Gothic Fairy Tales of Adolescence Depicted in The Hunger Games and Divergent Trilogies

Margaret Crawford (Prof. Snook and Prof. Rimmer) Rewriting Women's Roles: The Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montague

Kyle Joudry (Prof. Tryphonopoulos) Modernist Eschatology: T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets, H.D.'s Trilogy, and the Second World War Apocalypse

Reid Lodge (Prof. Snook and Prof. Fredericks, STU) Trans Narratives and Discourses in Jamison Green's Becoming a Visible Man, Matt Kailey's Just Add Hormones, and Max Wolf Valerio's The Testosterone Files


Sumaiya Ahsan (Prof. Ball) Expanding Spaces: Locating Women and Home in the Fiction of Anita Desai, Bharati Mukherjee, and Jhumpa Lahiri

Lisa Banks (Prof. Tryphonopoulos and Prof. Robinson, HRA, STU) "A sort of magic-book": Illness, Narrative, and the Occult in H.D.'s Late Writing, 1955-1961

Greg Brown (Prof. Andrews) Alcibiades at Catana

Bethany Daigle (Prof. Ball) The Sacred, the Profane, and the Postsecular: Postsecularism in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses, Hanif Kureishi's The Black Album, and Zadie Smith's White Teeth

Billy Johnson (Prof. Tryphonopoulos and Prof. Tremblay, HRA, STU) Old Provinces, New Modernisms: Toward an Editorial Poetics of the Maritime Little Magazine

Brandy Robertson (Prof. Rimmer) Fantasy Trumps Feminism: From Jane Austen's Proto-Feminism to the BBC's Fantasy and Helen Fielding's Postfeminism


Sarah Power (Prof. Rimmer) Re-Reading Bleak House: Digitalisation, Nostalgia, and How We Read


Iain McMaster (Prof. Austin) The Feminist Economics of Angela Carter


Qian Hu (Profs. Leckie and Snook) Exorcizing through Ghosts: Haunting Representations in Chinese-Canadian Literature


Sara Dunton (Prof. Tryphonopoulos) New Explorations of Mina Loy's Ekphrastic Poetry


Coleena Fanjoy (Prof. Maier) Eat Me, Drink Me: Examining the Ways that Twentieth-Century Heroines Outgrow the Prescribed Feminine Spaces of Victorian Fantasy Literature for Children

James London (Prof. Austin) Willing to Map the Ineffable in David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas


Richard Cole (Prof. Leckie) A Poet in Art's Terms: Reframing John Ashbery's "Poem-Paintings"

Kevin Goodwin (Prof. Snook) Milton's Married Man: Masculinity and the Problem of Errant Duty in Milton's Poetry

Dana Schwab (Prof. Andrews) Troublesome Bodies and Lonely Voices: The Embodied Woman in Contemporary Canadian Short Fiction in English


Andrea Day (Profs. Ball and Rimmer) From Cinderella to Bluebeard's Last Wife: Feminist Fairy Tales in 19th- and 20th-Century Literature

Jon (Jack) Watson (Prof. Andrews) The Occult Liturgy of Leonard Cohen


Heidi Butler (Prof. Creelman) Wayne Johnston's Historical Narratives: Imperial Tensions and Newfoundland’s Inheritance

Jennifer English (Prof. Maier) Renegotiating the Sexual Contract: Fictions of Subversive Restraint 1810-1893

Cara Fabre (Prof. Andrews) From Cultural Transformation to Systemic Revolution:  Poetic Resistance in Dionne Brand's Three Long Poems

Linnet Humble (Prof. Leckie) Self-Reflexivity in Contemporary Canadian Poetry

Jennifer Guenther (Prof. Rimmer) A Woman's Realm: Blurred Boundaries in Elizabeth Gaskell's Fiction

Elizabeth Harding (Prof. Austin) Make Yourself a(t) Home:  Gender, Place and Identity in the Poetry of Grace Nichols

Anne Marie Ryan (Prof. Maier) Marginalia: Jane Austen's Epistolary Achievement in Three Early Novels


Jason Christopher Cawley (Prof. Ball) Lost in Translation: Culture, Nation and the Individual in Post-Colonial Theory

Sarah Elizabeth Fanning (Prof. Maier) Gendered Space and Feminist Ideology: Pride and Prejudice and its Two BBC Adaptations

Michael McCaustlin (Prof. Rimmer) Imperialism and Race in the Nineteenth-Century Gothic Novel

Crystal Taylor (Prof. Cockburn) Illusions of Permanence: Passing Time and Changing Perceptions of Five of Anne Tyler's Novels


Kitty Elton Beal (Prof. Rimmer) Anne Bronte: The Buried Sister

Jennifer Hedd (Prof. Ball) Beyond the Callaloo and Tossed Salad Metaphors:  Political Nationalist Discourses of Decolonizing Trinidad in V.S. Naipaul's The Mystic Masseur and A House for Mister Biswas 

Timothy McIntyre (Prof. Ball) The Confessions of J.M. Coetzee: Truth and Absolution in Boyhood, Youth and Disgrace

Patrick Murphy (Prof. Creelman) There is Something about the Land:An Ecocritical Approach to the Works of David Adams Richards

Megan Woodworth (Prof. Rimmer) 'A Maneuvering Business': Jane Austen and the Politics of Marriage

PhD Theses


Ashlee Joyce (Prof. Austin) The Resurgence of the Gothic in Late-Twentieth-/Early-Twenty-First-Century British Trauma Fiction


Sara Dunton (Prof. Tryphonopoulos) H.D.'s Ways of Seeing: Encountering Artworks and Practising Ekphrasis in Pursuit of The "Art-Dimension"


Rachel Bryant (Prof. Andrews) The Homing Place: Reforming Northeastern Literary Relations


Tammy Armstrong Moore (Prof. Leckie and Prof. Tremblay, STU) Atlantic Canada’s Poetic Menagerie: Animal Presence in the Poetry of John Thompson, Don Domanksi, John Steffler, and Harry Thurston

Bryan Robert Ross (Prof. Ball) Representations of Suburbia in English Canadian Literature: Living, Leisure, and Labour


Nicola Faieta (Prof. Andrews) The Past is Prologue: "Conventional" Canadian Historical Novels in the Twenty-First Century

Peter Kuling (Prof. Martin) Dialogues of Canadian Identity in Queer Appropriations of Early Modern English Drama


Adam Crowley (Profs. Ball and Tryphonopoulos) Speaking Out of Turn: Paraleptical Paralipsis and the Millennial Bildungsroman


Heidi Butler (Prof. Andrews) Tits to the Wind: Adolescent Femininities in Contemporary Atlantic Canadian Women's Novels

Trevor Sawler (Prof. Tryphonopoulos) Hypertexting High Modernism: Ezra Pound's Pisan Cantos as Hypertext

Alison Toron (Prof. Andrews) Funny Feminism: Humour in Canadian Women's Fiction

Erin Whitmore (Profs. Creelman and Davies) Genre, Domesticity, and Female Agency in Three Rural Novels by Catharine Parr Traill, Margaret Murray Robertson, and Lucy Maud Montgomery

Jason Woodman Simmonds (Profs. Andrews and Martin) Aboriginal Shakespeares as Communal Self-Fashioning


Brenna Clarke Gray (Prof.  Andrews) Irony, Fear, Shopping, and Art: Douglas Coupland and the Re-Imagining of Post-9/11 North America

Khurram Khurshid (Prof.  Ball) Discourse of Difference: Cultural Resistance, Identity Politics, and Feminist Nationalism in Indo-Muslim Fiction

Sarah Neville (Profs. Tryphonopoulos and Gants) Early English Herbals and the Pragmatics of Print

Robin Sutherland (Prof. Robbins) Peace, Order, and "Good Housekeeping": Feminine Authority and Influence in Lady Agnes Macdonald's Canada


Vicky Simpson (Prof. Rimmer) Royally Fictional Families: From Queen Victoria to the Sensation Writers


Matthew Robinson (Prof. Tryphonopoulos) "The instrument through which the inner soul or the occult can also filter": H.D.'s Majic Ring as Occult Journal and as Companion Piece to Trilogy


Rodger Ian Wilkie (Prof. Klinck) The Heron on the Edge: Constructions of Heroism in Beowulf in the Context of Ancient and Medieval Epic


Jessie Sagawa (Prof. Robbins) Daughters of Makewana: A Critical and Contextual Study of Women in Selected Malawian Novels in English