New Direct-Entry Academic PhD Program

The Department of English at UNB offers six graduate programs.  Full-time students in all programs are eligible to be considered for funding from the UNB Faculty of Arts, which distributes funding on a competitive basis to the faculty's graduate students, and for funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

PhD in English (Creative Writing)

The Department of English is now offering a PhD program in creative writing, allowing students to write a book-length thesis consisting of fiction (short fiction or a novel), poetry, a play, a screenplay, or a work of creative non-fiction. The PhD is designed to give students the critical skills to teach literature and writing at the college or university level, and includes both academic and creative courses, a teaching mentorship program, comprehensive exams, a language requirement, and a dissertation of creative work that includes a thirty to fifty page critical introduction to the creative work. The Department also offers workshops on grant and scholarship applications. Students work very closely with faculty members. As part of the creative writing program we have a full-year writer-in-residence, an extensive reading series, teaching assistantships, and other ways to work directly on editing, including for The Fiddlehead, UNB's international journal of creative writing, and Qwerty, a nationally distributed graduate student journal.​

PhD in English (Academic)

While our PhD program focuses primarily on Canadian, post-colonial, Renaissance, American, and textual/editorial studies, doctoral work in other fields is possible.  Doctoral students complete academic courses, a teaching mentorship program, comprehensive exams, a language requirement, and a dissertation. The teaching apprenticeship program (English 6999) affords students a unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor on all aspects of pedagogy, developing skills in lecturing, classroom discussion, marking, and course and assignment design while teaching a first year course. Our current PhD students are undertaking fascinating research in a variety of fields. 

New Direct-Entry PhD in English (Academic)

The Department of English now offers a Direct-Entry PhD for exceptional undergraduate students with Honours degrees in English. This five-year program allows students to achieve a Doctoral degree without first having to complete an MA. Direct-Entry Doctoral students complete academic courses, a teaching apprenticeship program (English 6999), comprehensive exams, a language requirement, and a dissertation.

MA in English (Creative Writing)

The department boasts talented practitioners and instructors in all major genres of Creative Writing--fiction, poetry, playwriting, and screenwriting--as well as expertise in non-fiction and travel writing. Students in the creative writing stream take a combination of academic and creative courses and write a book-length creative thesis in a genre of their choice. The MA in English (Creative Writing) can be completed in twenty months. Many creative writing students have published their MA theses and forged successful careers as writers and teachers in the years after graduation.

MA in English (Academic)

We have active researchers working in a broad range of fields, including Medieval and Early Modern literature, Restoration and 18th-Century literature, Victorian literature, Modern (British and American) studies, Canadian and Post-Colonial literature, textual/editorial studies, women's studies, literary and cultural theory, drama, and film. Students can choose between a twelve-month course-based program and a twenty-month thesis-based program.

MA (Academic) by Coursework and Thesis

Our longstanding MA program, the thesis-based academic MA in English is designed to be completed in twenty months.  It requires academic courses and a thesis. Writing the thesis affords students an unparalleled opportunity for a period of extended, independent research on a topic of special interest. For those going on to doctoral work, the thesis provides terrific preparation for writing a doctoral dissertation, and for those moving into other work contexts, it requires students to develop superior argumentation, editing, and writing and communication skills--all highly transferable to a variety of situations. Chapters of academic MA theses regularly become academic articles and conference presentations. 

MA (Academic) by Coursework and Advanced Research Project

New for 2014, the course-based academic MA in English is designed to be completed in twelve months. It requires academic courses and an Advanced Research Project. Intensively introducing students to the literary forms of the academic profession, the ARP asks students to produce a conference paper and a scholarly article based on work from the previous year.