Graduate Student Life

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Student Testimonials

I undertook the 12 month program in Economics at UNB in the Fall of 2006. I found this experience to be truly rewarding as I was introduced to several topics and theoretical perspectives that gave me an excellent understanding of mainstream economics. I found the skills and knowledge I acquired during this period to be of great interest to several prestigious employers and highly competitive universities offering PhD programs. In addition, I very much enjoyed the small class size and the ability to work closely with professors who have exceptional research backgrounds. Whether choosing to continue onward to a PhD or entering the labour force. UNB's MA in Economics program caters very well to the desires of each individual. - Barry Watson, BBA 2003, MA (Economics) 2006.

The Department of Economics cares about students! It provides a supportive environment that is conducive to active learning, networking and success. Esteemed faculty engage learners by presenting theoretical models with emphasis on realistic applications including policy. Their enthusiasm and approachability inspire students to explore and master the discipline. The possibilities are endless as a Masters graduate from the Department of Economics. I am well-prepared for a career in public or private sectors, as well as PhD studies. - Angela Daley, BBA (Electronic Commerce and Economics) 2004, MA (Economics) 2008.

I am very happy to choose the economics department at UNB to begin my graduate studies. The department not only offered the theory courses but also provided me with economic tools to deal with the real life issue, and the friendly and closed environment in the department was perfect for international study. The program is not big, so that the professor concerns every individual in the class. When I was at UNB there were six people in the program. it was not big but we interacted with each other frequently. It was my most enjoyable study experience in Canada. I did my MA report under the supervisor of Dr. Dickson. He was very dedicated and patient. He devoted so much time on helping me start with my research. And in this department, I obtained very helpful advice from professors on future career approach. And finally I chose to enter a PhD program. It was really a great international study experience here. - Jue ZhangMA (Economics)

I was fortunate enough to see the department from two different sides, one as a graduate student and the other as an instructor. As a student I was able to appreciate the quality of people around me. It felt like they truly cared for me and wanted to see me succeed both on an academic level and on a personal level. As an instructor however I had the privilege of really getting to know those people. It felt like much more than a job and almost like a family. Some of the relationships that were fostered during my time I still cherish today and feel very lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful organization. - Maryna Ivus, MA (Economics)

Some Past Graduates - What Are They Doing Now?

Mr. Sergiy Pysarenko (2013) - PhD Candidate at Guelph University

Mr. Rick Couture (2012) - Economist, NB Finance

Ms. Maryna Ivus (2011) - Market Researcher at Pachira, Ottawa

Mr. Vincent Roy (2011) - Teaching at the Institute for Public Administration, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Ms. Jue Zhang (2011) - PhD Candidate at Univ. of Waterloo

Mr. Stephen Murphy (2008) - Economist, NB Finance