Master of Arts Theses

Homer & Vergil Thesis








MA Classics 1899
Homer and Vergil

Thesis Number Date Name Thesis Title
5 1899 THOMPSON, Sarah Homer and Vergil
13 1910 BELL, Edna B. Vergil and the Aeneid
43 1937 DOHERTY, Joseph Charles Immortality Beliefs in Greek Literature
47 1937 SAUNDERS, York Thomas The Decline of Imperium in Rome
298 1961 SMITH, John Robert Plagiarism Versus Originality. A Literary Study of the Roman Poet Persius, with an Index Verborum
423 1964 FLEMMING, Hugh John Hellenism, Judaism and Christianity: An Historical Study of the Conflicts Between Judaism and the Greco-Roman World in the First Century A.D.
1793 1976 MURRAY, James Stuart ‘In the Beginning’, A Study of the Interpretation of the Concept of Pre-Cosmic Disorderly Motion in Plato’s Timaeus
1891 1977 GOODFELLOW, Marianne Sussex Vergil and Transpadane Italy
2905 1984 JAMES, Arthur Randall Khirbet Qumran and the Essenes
4009 1986 HINCHEY, Deborah Fredericka Achilles and Agamemnon: A Study of Status, Responsibility and Self-Worth in the Iliad
4141 1987 MARTIDOU-FORCIER, Despina The Role of Religion in Thucydides’ History
4577 1990 FRANCIS, Jane Food and the Enigma of the Cena Trimalchionis
5269 1994 WHITNEY, Allan John Report: Contact Between Mortals and Gods In the Iliad
5668 1996 ROSS, Donald Steven Comic Elements in the Odyssey
5855 1997 McCORMACK, Eric P. The Regionalization of Equestrians and Centurions in the Roman Imperial Army
7172 2004 ALLAN, Holly Monette The Faces of Juno in Vergil’s “Aeneid”
7183 2004 PAVLAKOUDIS, Vassilios The Cause of Socrates’ Conviction