Classics and Ancient History Graduate Program

Degrees Offered: MA

Campus Address: Carleton Hall, Room 209

Department Telephone: (506) 453-4763

Department Email Address: Email


Director of Graduate Studies:  Dr. William Kerr  Ph. (506) 458-7507

Graduate Secretary:  Angela Peters  Ph. (506) 453-4763


Faculty Members of the Graduate Academic Unit (GAU)

  • *THOMAS E. GOUD, BA (Calgary), MA, PhD (Toronto). Latin Literature and Roman History.
  • WILLIAM G. KERR, BA (Tor), BA (Oxford), MA, PhD (Princeton). Roman History.
  • +MICHAEL J. MILLS, BA, MA, MLitt (Oxford). Greek Philosophy and Literature.
  • +JAMES S. MURRAY, BA, MA (UNB), PhD (Pittsburgh). Greek Philosophy.
  • MARIA PAPAIOANNOU, BA (Thessalonike), MA, PhD (UBC). Greek and Roman Archaeology and Art.
  • MATTHEW A. SEARS, BA (UNB), PhD (Cornell). Greek History and Ancient Warfare.

*UNB Saint John


The chief research strengths of the GAU of Classics and Ancient History lie in: Greek and Roman Literature and History, Greek Philosophy, Drama and Classical Archaeology.

Admission and Degree Requirements

The programme offers either a literature-based MA degree or one with a component in classical art and archaeology. Students with undergraduate honours, majors, or their equivalent in Latin, Greek or Classics are considered for courses leading to the degree of MA. Applicants must have at least 18 ch or equivalent in one of the languages and, preferably, at least 6 ch in the other. The program of studies normally occupies two years and includes the making up of any undergraduate deficiencies; a minimum of 18 ch of course work and a thesis or 24 ch of course work, a graduate report and comprehensive exams; and such further work as shall be required by the GAU.

Candidates will design their programs at the beginning of their graduate work under the direction of the Director of Graduate Studies and with the approval of the GAU. The programs will be tailored as far as possible to the need of each candidate. A reading knowledge of German, French or Italian is required. This requirement must be fulfilled either by 12 ch having been taken in any one of these languages at University level or through examination.