UNB Anthropology Graduates

Socio-cultural Anthropology

Carson Rehn, May 2017, MA Anthropology, entitled:  “The Collaborative Power of Conflict: Using Public Participatory GIS to Resolve Conflict over Responsibility for Marine Debris.”  Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Luke DeMarsh, May 2017. MA Anthropology, entitled: "Life Narrative Ethnography of Elder Charles Solomon, Medicine Man".  Supervisor:  Evelyn Plaice.

Courtenay E. Parlee, July 2016. PhD, Interdisciplinary Studies entitled: Resolving conflict over Risk Management in the Marine Environment: Strengthening Governance Institutions. Supervisor: Melanie Wiber. Now:  Employed with Fundy North Fisherman's Association working on contract research

Courtenay E. Parlee, 2011. Master of Phil. in Policy Studies entitled: Alternative Dispute Resolution: Can it Advance the States Policies of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Canadian Fisheries and Oceans? Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Joanna Moore, 2011. MA Socio-cultural entitled: Tourism and the Village of Gagetown: Economic Development in Rural New Brunswick. Supervisor: Christiane Paponnet-Cantat.

Robin Brewer, 2010. MA Anthropology entitled: Globalization, Gender and the Nearshore Experience: Call Centre Work in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Brian Campbell, 2007. MA Anthropology entitled: The Cowboy and Indian Opposition: An Anthropological Exploration of Myth. Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Shirley von Sychowski, 2005. MA Socio-cultural entitled: Eco-tourism in Las Terrazas, Cuba: An Example of Sustainable Development. Supervisor: Christiane Paponnet-Cantat.

Séan Fleming, 2003.  MA Socio-cultural entitled: The Marshall Decision as News: The Construction of a Stereotyped Noble Savage in Two Canadian Newspapers, the Miramichi Leader and the Globe and Mail. Supervisor: Christiane Paponnet-Cantat.

Sherrie Lee Blakney, 2000. MA Anthropology entitled: The New Brunswick Aboriginal Forestry: Constructions of a Natural Resource. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Lan Yu, 1998. MA Anthropology entitled: Orientalism and Missionary Sinology, A Study of W.A.P. Martin. Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Darcy J. Dignam, 1997. MA Anthropology entitled: Paradigms Glossed: The Contextualization of Ethnography. Supervisor: Peter Lovell.

John Heinstein. 1996.  MA Socio-cultural entitled: Giving the Nervous System a Fix. MichaelT aussig and the Politics of Ethnographic Counterdiscourse. Supervisor: Christiane Paponnet-Cantat.

Andrew Stewart MacNaughton, 1995. MA Anthropology entitled: The Marketing Board Paradox: A Legal Pluralist Perspective On Private Woodlot Owners and New Brunswick’s Forest Products Marketing Boards. Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Christine Duplisea, 1994. MA Anthropology entitled: “All My Relations” The Revitalization of the Concept of Mutual Empowerment. Supervisor: Vincent Erickson.

Karen Nancy Sheila Hutton, 1994. MA Anthropology entitled: “We Are The Weavers, We Are The Web”: Conjuring “Woman” in a Feminist Coven. Supervisor: Peter Lovell.

Craig Anthony Clark, 1992. MA Anthropology entitled: Mediation, Resistance and Leadership: Religious Authorities and Political Processes in Morocco. Supervisor: William Dalton.

Barry John Parkinson, 1992. MA Anthropology entitled: “We’re Not From Somewhere Else” Surveying the Boundary: The Development of Identity Among Native People in Fredericton. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

James Todd MacInnis, 1991. MA Anthropology entitled: Law and Salmon Fishing on the Kingsclear Maliseet Reserve.  Supervisor: Melanie Wiber.

Geoffrey Scott Rothwell, 1989. MA Anthropology entitled: Mohawks in the Onion Patch: The Creation and Maintenance of Group Distinctions in Bermuda. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Donna Jean Young, 1989. MA Anthropology entitled: “The Right Way, The Wrong Way, and The Railway”: The Experience of Work on a CPR Maintenance-of-Way Extra Gang. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Catherine M. Ginnish, 1987. MA Anthropology entitled: Socio-Political Organization on a Reserve in Northeastern Canada. Supervisor: Vincent Erickson.

Roderick M. Manderson, 1987. MA Anthropology entitled: Coping with Unemployment: A Maritime Study. Supervisor: William Dalton.

Donna D. Davis, 1986. MA Anthropology entitled: Gender Inequality in Grenada. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Amali Philipupillai, 1986. MA Anthropology entitled: Context and Variation in Bridewealth Payments in the Middle East. Supervisor: Peter Lovell.

Gary Hugh Calabrese, 1984. MA Anthropology entitled: Technology as a Pervasive Force in Human Affairs: An Anthropological Study of a Cybernetic Facility in Relation to Institutional Change and Worker Alienation. Supervisor: Vincent Erickson.

Patrick Flanagan, 1984. MA Anthropology entitled: Schooling, Souls and Social Class: The Labrador Inuit. Supervisors: William Dalton, Ron McDonough, and Gail Pool.

Ruth Assaff Wherry, 1983. MA Anthropology entitled: Current Problems in Atlantic Canada’s Lobster Fishery: An Anthropological Analysis. Supervisor: William Dalton.

A. Afiena A. Kamminga, 1982. MA Anthropology entitled: Catholics and Protestants in an Eastern Netherlands Farming Community. Supervisor: Vincent Erickson.

Jim William McDooling, 1982. MA Anthropology entitled: The Fishermen: Transition in a Northeast Coastal Community in Newfoundland. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

David James Ashbee, 1981. MA Anthropology entitled: Salmon Fishing in Northern New Brunswick Revington: A Case Study. Supervisor: William Dalton.

Paula Marie Carvell-Dennis, 1980. MA Anthropology entitled: Groupers and Non-Groups: A Study of Bermuda’s West End Commercial Fishery. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Onno Husing, 1980. MA Anthropology entitled: Fisheries, Bureaucracy, and the 200 Mile Limit: An Anthropological Study of the Effects of Increased Government Regulation in One New England Fishing Community. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Mary Jean Wright, 1980. MA Anthropology entitled: Fishing Together: The Importance of Women’s Activities for Economic Life in a New Brunswick Fishing Village. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

Laura Avis Siminoff, 1979. MA Anthropology entitled: Traps, Nets, and Networks: An Anthropological Study of a New Brunswick Fishing Community. Supervisor: Gail Pool.

James Wherry, 1979. MA Anthropology entitled: Eastern Algonquian Relationships to “Proto-Algonquian” Social Organization. Supervisor: Charles Ackerman.

Rosemary Diane Garnett, 1976. MA Anthropology entitled: Government, Big Business and Fishing Salisbury: A Case Study. Supervisor: William Dalton.

Peter Hughes Gerard Dunphy, 1972. MA Sociology and Anthropology entitled: The Officer Factory: Cadet Culture in an Officer Candidate School. Supervisor: Robert J. Kavanagh.


Jessie White, May 2018 2018 MA Archaeology, entitled: A Geometric Morphometric Approach to Cranial Variation in 18th to 19th Century Skeletal Populations from the St. Lawrence Region, Canada Supervisor: Dr. Sue Blair

Alexandre Michaud Pelletier, May 2018. MA Archaeology, entitled: "The Bristol-Shiktehawk bifaces and Early Woodland ceremonialism in the Middle St. John Valley, New Brunswick.  Supervisor:  Susan Blair.

Luke DeMarsh, May 2017.  MA Archaeology, entitled:  "Life Narrative Ethnography of Wolastoqiyik Elder Charles Solomon, Medicine Man:  An Apprenticeship Approach.  Supervisor:  Evelyn Plaice.

Melissa Slader, May 2017.  MA Archaeology, entitled: "Making Their Mark:  Analysis of 18th-Century Graffitied Window-Glass from the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia."  Supervisor: Sue Blair.

Lauren Cudmore, May 2016. MA Archaeology, entitled: “Marco-Regional Meadowood: A comparative Approach to Early Woodland Lithic Tool Production in the Maritimes and Ontario”. Supervisor:  Susan Blair. Now: Employed with the Museum of Canadian History.

Ramona Nicholas, June 2016. MA Archaeology, entitled: “Listening to the Ancestors: A Wabanaki Perspective on Engagement in Archaeology”. Supervisor: Susan Blair. Now: Contract Instructor with the Department of Anthropology

Christian C. L. Thériault, 2013. MA Archaeology, entitled: Sampling Past Milieux: The Upsalquitch River Forks Area Geoarchaeological Survey. Supervisor: Susan Blair. Now: Christian Theriault currently works with Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Tricia L. Jarratt, June 2013. MA Archaeology, entitled: The Augustine Mound Copper Subassemblage: Beyond the Bead. Supervisor: Susan Blair.  Tricia Jarratt is currently enrolled in the Interdisciplinary PhD program at UNB. Now: Employed with Archaeological Services, Goverment of New Brunswick.

Kenneth R. Holyoke, June 2012. MA Archaeology, entitled: Late Maritime Woodland Lithic Technology in the Lower Saint John River Valley. Supervisor: Susan Blair. Now: Ken Holyoke currently works with Stantec Consulting Ltd.

M. Gabriel Hrynick, April 2011. MA Archaeology, entitled: Woodland Period Domestic Architecture on the Coast of the Maritime Peninsula: A Case Study from Port Joli Harbour, Nova Scotia. Supervisor: David Black.  PhD program in Anthropological Archaeology at the University of Connecticut. Now: Has joined UNB as an assistant professor of anthropology in 2016.

C. Drew Gilbert, April 2011. MA Archaeology, entitled: The Archaeology of the Deer Island Point Site (BfDr5), Charlotte County, New Brunswick. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Drew Gilbert teaches Photography and Crafts at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.

Cora A. Woolsey, August 2010. MA Archaeology, entitled: Ceramic Sherds in the George Frederick Clarke Collection: A Technological Approach. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Cora Woolsey is enrolled in the PhD program in Anthropological Archaeology at McMaster University.

Pamela J. Dickinson, June 2008. PhD/Geology (co-supervision with B.E. Broster), entitled: Geomorphological Processes and the Development of the Lower SJR Human Landscape. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Pam Dickinson was Marketing Coordinator at New Brunswick Natural Resources for 5 years.

Brent D. Suttie, February 2005. MA Archaeology, entitled: Archaic Period Archaeological Research in the Interior of Southwestern New Brunswick. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Brent Suttie is Project Executive at Archaeological Services, Goverment of New Brunswick.

Vincent G.J. Bourgeois, February 1999. MA Archaeology, entitled: A Regional Pre-Contact Ceramic Sequence for the Saint John River Valley. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Vinny Bourgeois was Collections Manager at ASNB for 10 years; he currently works with Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Susan E. Blair, September 1996. MA Archaeology, entitled: The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Grand Manan Archipelago: Cultural History and Regional Integration. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Susan Blair holds a PhD in Archaeology from the University of Toronto; she currently is Associate Professor of Anthropology at UNB.

Shianne L. MacDonald, December 1994. MA Archaeology, entitled: Exploring Patterns of Prehistoric Lithic Material Use in the Insular Quoddy Region, New Brunswick. Supervisor: David Black. Now: Shianne MacDonald is Senior Instructional Designer at Bluedrop.

Dimity Jeanne Hammon, 1984. MA Archaeology, entitled: A Ceramic Period Coastal Adaptation at Holt’s Point, New Brunswick. Supervisor: Gail Pool. Now: Dimity Hammon conducted archaeological research and worked in a museum in British Columbia after completing her MA thesis.

Burley, David V., 1975. MA Archaeology, entitled: A Series of Prehistoric Sites on the Miramichi River. Supervisor: Christopher Turnbull. Now: Dr. David Burley is Professor of Archaeology at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. He has conducted archaeological research in the Maritimes, Western Canada and Oceania.

Biological/Medical Anthropology

Tracey Brown, May 2017. MA Anthropology, entitled:  "Treatment seeking behaviour and barriers to accessing services for reproductive health problems among Munda women in Gumla Jkarkhand."  Supervisor:  Koumari Mitra.  Employed with CBI Health Regional Family Services as a supervisor.

Priscilla Medeiros, 2012. MA Anthropology entitled: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Illness Narratives of Seropositive Women in Kenya, Africa, and New Brunswick, Canada. Supervisor: Koumari Mitra.

Margaret Anne Hoyt, 2010. MA Anthropology entitled: In Her Own Words: An Exploration of Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Reproductive Health Care Through Ethnographic Narrative. Supervisor: Koumari Mitra.

Valerie A. LeBlanc, 2007. MA Anthropology entitled: Humanizing the Study of ADHD: The Explanatory Models of ADHD Sufferers. Supervisor: Peter Lovell.

Claire Tara Shanahan, 2007. MA Anthropology entitled: Risky Business: An examination of social and environmental factors and how they facilitate and maintain high risk behaviours among injection drug users in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Supervisor: Koumari Mitra.

Julie Easley, 2006. MA Anthropology entitled: Smoking Behaviour and Smoking Health Risk Awareness of Adolescent Girls and Young Women in New Brunswick. Supervisor: Koumari Mitra.

Jeanette Ruth Holden, 1999. MA Anthropology entitled: From the Dark Side: Images of Monsters, Darkness and Fear; Young Women, Emotion, Body Image and Cancer. Supervisor: Peter Lovell.

Jennifer Tooley, 1999. MA Anthropology entitled: Demon Drugs and Holy Wars: Canadian Drug Policy as Symbolic Action. Supervisor: Peter Lovell.