Student Resources

UNB Student Services

In addition to those listed below UNB offers a variety of other services to all UNB students.

Student Union

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

Adult Learners, Part-time Students (ALPS)
ALPS provides services to mature students and to students enrolled on apart-time basis at UNB.

UNB International Student Advisor/CIDA Coordinator’s Office
The International Student Advisor/CIDA Coordinator’s Office provides services to international students at UNB.

Student Affairs and Services
The office of Student Affairs and Services provides access to campus ministry and counselling services; services for student with disabilities and the student health centre; as well as student financial and employment services.

Student Health Centre
The student Health Centre provides a full range of primary health care services to students at UNB.

Library Facilities

The UNB library collection, located in the Harriet Irving Library (Fredericton) and the Hans W. Klohn Commons (Saint John), continues to grow at a steady rate. UNB libraries have also dramatically increased their subscriptions to on-line scholarly journals and other on-line resources that can be accessed via the e-resources link on the Harriet Irving Library home page. In addition, graduate students have access to national and international library resources through an efficient document delivery service. The library Sociology Subject Guide is located on the UNB web site and the Sociology Librarian on the Fredericton Campus is Barry Cull. Among his other important responsibilities, Barry Cull is available to provide library skills training to students in Sociology. His office hours are Fridays, 1:00-3:00pm and his office is in the Harriet Irving Library Reference Department, Room 105B (Reference Department).

IT Facilities

UNB’s IT facilities were ranked among the highest in Canada in last years McLean’s magazine’s survey of Canadian Universities. The UNB Computing Centre provides e-mail accounts and IT facilities for research to all students and faculty of the University. The centre maintains program libraries, tape libraries, Census Canada tapes, and other data files. The Department of Sociology also owns some computer software including the qualitative analysis program Ethnograph. A member of the Computing Centre staff is available on a full-time basis for consultation by graduate students in the Faculty of Arts.
In addition there are computer facilities available to graduate students in Sociology located in Carleton Hall, Room 119.

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Graduate Workspace

The graduate student lab is located in Carleton Hall, Room 119. It is a shared workspace and is equipped with computers and a printer for graduate student use. Additional spaces for individual graduate study are located in the Harriet Irving Library. Procedures for applying for a graduate student study carrel can be obtained from the Harriet Irving Library. All graduate students in the Department of Sociology are provided with a mailbox located in Carleton Hall, Room 119.

Writing Aids

The APA Style has become the most commonly used citation format in the social sciences. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association is available in the Harriet Irving Library and the APA Publication Manual web site has examples of APA referencing format. In addition, you may use the following links to access web extensions for APA format and a guide to writing research papers APA style. Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr, is a classic writing manual that will help you improve your prose style. Another useful writing guide is Grammar & Style by Jack Lynch. The UNB Writing Centre also provides editorial and other writing assistance to students.

UNB Tutors

UNB maintains a list of tutors for many subject areas, including statistics.

On-Line Data Sites

For Canadian data sites go to:

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For US data sites go to: 

For British data sites go to: 

For other international data site go to:

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