Dr Maria Costanza Torri

 blank photoAssistant Professor
PhD (Paris1-Pantheon-Sorbonne), MA (IAMM-CHEAM), BA (University of Ancona, Italy)

Prior to her appointment at UNB Dr. Torri was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Montreal, Centre for International Studies and a research fellow at the Human Rights Research Centre, University of Ottawa. She has also worked extensively in Asia and Latin America on numerous research projects concerning gender and community development with a special focus on health and indigenous communities. Her recent research is on intercultural health and gender entrepreneurship and health. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in international development, and health studies at the University of Toronto, University of Montreal, and Laurentian University.

Recent publications

  • Torri, M.C. (2013). Traditional midwives and HIV/AIDS prevention in rural Guatemala: a community approach to reproductive health, Women’s Health and Urban Life, 12(2): 45-62.
  • Hollenberg, D., Torri. M.C. (2013). Linking CAM, Traditional Medicine and Primary Health Care:   The role of local health traditions in promoting health security. in Primary Health Care and Complementary and Integrative Medicine,( Eds. Jon Adams and Parker Magin), London: Imperial College Press.
  • Torri, M.C. (2012). Programs for the promotion of home herbal gardens in rural areas: what challenges in using medicinal plants for local livelihoods and community health in India? Development in Practice, 22(2):143-153.
  • Torri, M.C., Herrmann, T.M. (2011). Bridges between tradition and innovation in ethnomedicine: fostering local development through community-based enterprises in India, Springer, Dordrecht-Heidelberg-London-New York, 1stEdition, 222 pages.
  • Torri, M.C. (2011). Linking Communities with the Medicinal Plant Sector in India, Development in Practice, 21(2):282-294.
  • Torri, M.C. (2011). Illness and healing in urban areas in Chile: between traditional and cultural adaptation, Oxford Development Studies, 3(9):4, 389-402.
  • Torri, M.C. (2011). Multicultural social policy and community participation in health: new opportunities and challenges for indigenous people, International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 26(3):1-23.
  • Torri, M.C. (2010). Health and Indigenous People: Intercultural Health as a new papadigm: towards the reduction of cultural and social marginalization? World Health and Population, 12(1): 30-41.
  • Torri, M.C. (2010). Innovating through community capacity in traditional knowledge and Ethnomedicine: a case study from Tamil Nadu (India), International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development, 9(1): 3-18.
  • Torri, M.C., Laplante, J. (2009). Enhancing Innovation between scientific and indigenous knowledge in India, Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 5(29):1-12.


Contact Information:

Dr Maria Costanza Torri

Assistant Professor
Office: Carleton Hall, Room 133
Phone: (506) 453 5147
Fax: (506) 453 4659